Kim Tate faked her own death in Emmerdale. But has she done that before?

Kim Tate faked her own death in Emmerdale to get revenge on her son, Jamie Tate, who had drugged her.

The crafty Queen of Home Farm pulled off blinders, hired actors to play the roles of police, doctor, and undertaker, and even got lover Will Taylor into action.

Jamie was shocked to see his mother lying dead in the kitchen (Image credit: ITV)

Poor Jamie was confused and upset and knew in the dark what had happened.

But maybe Jamie should have been more suspicious. After all, it’s not the first time his mother has faked her own death.

Kim Tate and Dave Glover

While married to Frank Tate, Kim fell in love with Dave Glover. And when she got pregnant – with Jamie – at first she wasn’t sure if her baby’s father was Frank or Dave.

When Frank found out about the romance, he offered Kim a million pounds to appoint him as the baby’s father and – obviously – money-hungry Kim accepted.

But she and Dave couldn’t stay away from each other. So they made plans to leave the village together.

Emmerdale Kim Tate worries
Kim has faked her death before (Image credit: ITV)

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On Boxing Day 1996, Kim and Dave were about to leave, but a fire broke out in the baby’s nursery at Home Farm.

Dave bravely went into the flames and saved the kid. But Dave was seriously injured and later died in the hospital.

Kim Tate faked her own death in revenge

Heartbroken Kim accused Frank of ruining her life and plotting revenge. She knew Frank had a seedy heart and she wanted him dead.

So she found a woman who looked like her and paid her to drive her car through the village and then to the quarry.

Kim planned her revenge (Image credit: ITV)

Kim hoped the woman who crashed her car into the quarry would make everyone believe she was dead.

But the plan went wrong – in a way. The woman got stuck in the car and died, adding extra authenticity to Kim’s fake death.

Frank was arrested for the murder of his wife and spent time in the detention center in early 1997.

But he was released and came home to Emmerdale. However, in May of that year, he was in shock when Kim strolled back to the Home Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Tate had a heated argument and Frank’s heart finally gave way. Kim watched him collapse and called him a dinosaur before calmly putting on makeup.

And now she seems to have returned to her old tricks. Faking her own death worked the first time. Will it get her what she wants this time?

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