Kirk Norcross admits that dad Mick’s death fought him against PTSD

Kirk Norcross has admitted that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder following the tragic death of his father Mick.

The former TOWIE star, 33, has held back relatively since his father’s sudden death in January.

But in a new update for fans, Kirk spoke of the heartbreaking incident when he revealed he found him dead in his Essex home.

Kirk Norcross has opened up on his father Mick’s tragic death (Image Credit:

Kirk Norcross speaks about his father’s death

In a series of emotional videos, Kirk shared how he struck down his father after he committed suicide.

As a result, the reality star has since been diagnosed with PTSD.

He revealed, “I haven’t told anyone this just as my friends and family know. I really don’t know why I’m telling Instagram.

It just eats me up

“It’s not for a sob story. I don’t want any special treatment or anything.

“Maybe it takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders when I tell more people. Obviously everyone knows that I lost my father to suicide. He hanged himself. And I was the one who found my father. “

Despite doing everything he could, Kirk admitted it was too late to save his father.

Cause of Mick Norcross death
Mick tragically committed suicide in January (Photo credit:

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The TOWIE star continued, “It wasn’t nice. I couldn’t save him, but I cut him off and tried to give him a resuscitation. I’m not taking anything from my old man for that, you know. I’d rather do that than find him a stranger. It just eats me up.

“It’s a little hard to deal with, but I am. I don’t know why I’m telling Instagram. I just thought … I’ve got a lot of pressure on my shoulders lately. I feel good.

“I am a good man to my father. I feel a lot better already, just a little weight off my shoulders, you know. “

What happened to Kirk’s father Mick?

Back in February, the coroner confirmed that the star had died when he committed suicide on January 21.

The star’s preliminary medical cause of death was suspended by ligature after an autopsy at Basildon Hospital.

His investigation is due to take place this month.

After his funeral, Mick’s son Mason took to Instagram to share a special tribute.

In the emotional post, Mason wrote, “I wish I could thank you for everything you did for me.

“You gave me the best 19 years a boy could ask for. I’ll love you forever, papa, until we meet again.”

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Meanwhile, Mick and Kirk left TOWIE in 2013.

However, the show continued to support Kirk after his father passed away.

In a statement they said: “A grief counseling is available to each of our performers, past and present, in case they need our support in dealing with this very sad news.”

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