Kolkata’s legendary metro cinema is back!

India’s leading cinema chain, INOX Leisure Ltd (INOX), announced the launch of Metro INOX on Jawahar Lal Nehru Road in Chowringhee, Kolkata, on February 20, 2021. The former Metro Cinema is a popular icon in the city of Kolkata’s rich cinema heritage, designed by Scottish architect Thomas Lamb. It is designed to welcome the Kolkata film lovers and evoke the magic it has had since its inception in 1935 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). The renowned building, which was renovated by the Metro Realty Group in consultation with the renowned architect Subir Kumar Basu, will accommodate two impressively designed screens with a total of 422 seats. Each of the two screens in the multiplex is comfortable and equipped with the best cinema technology for sound and projection

In keeping with Metro’s rich legacy and its history with the Kolkata people, the multiplex was designed with a modernized feel and seamlessly integrated into the carefully restored, yet authentic essence of the original Metro cinema. Metro INOX now offers the perfect blend of legacy and luxury. Cinema guests will be amazed by the sight of the large lobby on the ground floor. Starting from the restored beauty of the nostalgic lobby, guests enter the luxurious auditoriums with more spacious seats with more legroom, state-of-the-art sound and projection technology, brilliant, razor-sharp graphics and cinema surround sound of true Dolby Atmos quality and a selection of 3D Screen.

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The multiplex has a range of customer-friendly digital functions such as paperless ticketing and check-ins as well as touchscreen-enabled interactive food orders. The guests can also experience the lively hospitality and the gourmet offer of INOX. The lively Café Unwind restaurant is designed to serve its specially formulated delicious preparations even to guests who are not watching a movie.

Talk about the reopening of the legendary cinema, Alok Tandon, Chairman of the Board – INOX Leisure Ltd. said: “This is indeed a special occasion in the history of INOX as we prepare to welcome cinema lovers from the City of Joy to their beloved Metro cinema location. It is a matter of pride and privilege that the legendary cinema is now being renamed Metro INOX. Even in its fresh and new contours, we are sure that cinema will evoke the similar magic that it has been doing for more than 8 decades. We are honored to be part of this restoration process and we are committed to reviving the splendid memories the city of Kolkata has experienced at Metro. “

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Vinay Khandelwal, Head of Business Development, Metro Realty adds: “With the Central Flagship Store now operating successfully, we are delighted to add Metro INOX to our property and we firmly believe that our loyal customers will enjoy this extraordinary development in Chowringhee in the heart of Calcutta. The revitalized Metro INOX is a fine confluence of heritage, nostalgia and legacy with the contemporary vision of INOX. Metro INOX will create the same amount of emotion and preference among the passionate Kolkata film lovers in its new avatar. We are proud of our mutual relationship with INOX and are confident that their competent team will carry on the legend of Metro in its truest style. We invite the city to come and witness the glory regained. “

Metro Realty’s Metro Cinema in South Mumbai has also been operated by INOX Leisure Ltd since November 2017. With the introduction of Metro INOX, INOX Leisure Ltd now operates 12 multiplexes with 46 screens in the city of Kolkata.

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