Krutikaa Tulaskar is interested in moving from Marathi films and TV series to Hindi films and web series

By Jyothi Venkatesh

The handsome and cheerful actor Krutikaa Tulaskar from Mumbai has been in theater for 18 years and is also well versed in languages ​​such as Hindi, English, Gujarati, Avadhi, Braj, Konkani, Malvani and Marathi. In addition to plays, Krutikaa, who won the 2013 Maharashtra State Award for Best Actress for a Marathi Play, has also worked in films and TVCs and is also a voice actress.

The Marathi pieces Krutikaa has appeared in are Ajab Devki Nandan Gopala, Sagar Zep, Wap Kunacha Taap Kuna, Priti Sangam, Moruchi Mavshi, director Mangesh Kadams Lagnbambal, director Vijay Kenkare’s Paying Guest, director Kulottdeep Pawar ‘. Tula Kurush Ulat Ulat, alongside the Marathi series Ashtvinayak Darshan directed by Kumar Sohani and aired on Saam TV.

Besides these television series, Krutika has also directed in Marathi films such as Shri Yogi directed by Chandrakant Gaikwad, Pashabandh directed by Aanadram, Bai Go Bai directed by Vijay Pagare, Baban directed by Bhaurao Karhade, Weddingcha Shinema played by Dr Saleel Kulkarni, Hajiri directed by Kishor Belekar and Vijeta directed by Amol Shetge. Krutikaa also starred in the Hindi play Singhasan Khali Hai directed by Makrand Deshpande and the English play Walter directed by Anjan Shrivastava, the Hindi film Ek Muthi Aasmaan directed by Neeraj Vohra and not least in the Marathi video album Radha Rank.

Interestingly, when most newcomers are ready to strip for the big screen in the blink of an eye, Krutikaa is a rare actress who doesn’t believe in flaunting her flesh for the big screen, whether it’s movies or web series, but on it She is proving her skills in Hindi films as well as in interesting web series and is currently in talks with director Apoorva Vyas, who will soon be making films and web series with actors like Rajpal Naurang Yadav.

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