Kunal Kapoor: “I’m glad everyone reacted so great on Koi Jaane Na’s trailer.”

Actor Kunal Kapoor is overwhelmed by the appreciation that flows into the trailer for ‘Koi Jaane Na’ from all sides. He has fascinated the audience, the celebrities and also his fans. The film is a thriller full of suspense and thrills with a touch of romance.

Many Bollywood Film Brotherhood celebrities have praised the movie trailer and actor. Kunal Kapoor replied, “I am really overwhelmed by the response we received from Koi Jaane Na’s trailer. It’s a very unique story and a character that has many different levels. A lot of hard work was put into making this movie available to the public and I’m really glad everyone is seeing such a great response. “

Some celebrity reactions to the trailer were: Hrithik Roshan used his social media to share, “I love it !! @kapoorkkunal and the team at #KoiJaaneNa have a winner in their hands !! Look at that ! Good luck and God bless you !! Excellent trailer “

Abhishek Bachchan also grabbed his social media handle to share, “Yes, brother !!! I am very happy to see you back on screen. Trailer looks murderous !!! All the best to you and the team. #KoiJaaneNa @kapoorkkunal @hajeeamin @amyradastur ”

While others like Vicky Kaushal, Ali Fazal and Sunny Kaushal shared stories in which the actor was praised in the trailer.

Watch the trailer for Koi Jaane Na here:

Of the various aspects of the trailer that are valued, Kunal’s intense and nuanced appearance stand out. The actor created different looks depending on the script and they all look great. His chemistry with Amyra Dastur in the film looks adorable and gives a nice breather from all the tension, and the audience will be looking for her when the film is released.

The actor will appear on screens after ‘Gold’, the 2018 film. ‘Koi Jaane Na’ is a Amin Hajee debut directing project starring Kunal Kapoor. The film will be out on April 2nd and audiences, fans and celebrities will be in search of the magic it created.

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