Kush dead in EastEnders after Gray pushed him in front of the subway

EastEnders viewers saw Gray Atkins Kush push Kazemi in front of a railroad line, but is Kush dying?

Last year, Kush was involved in a robbery with then-Mitchells and then-girlfriend Kat Slater to make some money.

But Kush was eventually caught by the police. He later agreed to assume all the blame for the Mitchell robbery.

Kush committed a robbery with Phil (Credit: BBC)

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He fell in love with his boyfriend Whitney a few months ago after breaking up with Kat, and the two recently became engaged.

When Whitney discovered that Kush was taking care of the Mitchells and was going to hand them out a longer sentence, she was furious.

In court, Kush announced that he was working with the Mitchells on the robbery.

When he returned home, he told Whitney that in exchange for helping the police with a major investigation into the Mitchell’s, he would be given his freedom.

Whitney wanted to leave with Kush (Credit: BBC)

But knowing the Mitchell family would be after him, Kush told Whitney that they would have to flee the country.

After talking to Martin, they agreed that it would be best if they took Kush’s son, Martin’s stepson Arthur, with them in case the Mitchells targeted him.

Kush dead in EastEnders

In the sequel tonight (Monday April 19th) Kush, Whitney and Arthur went to the train station. While they waited for their train, Arthur needed the bathroom, so Whitney took him with her.

As they left, however, Gray came up on the platform and started yelling at Kush for taking Whitney away from him and his children.

Kush told Gray that she was just his childminder and that he needed help. But Gray turned to Kush and said, “I don’t need any help, I need Whitney.”

Gray pushed Kush onto the railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train (Credit: BBC)

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The two men started scrapping and Gray fell onto the pipe rails. But Kush managed to help him in time.

When Gray got on the platform, Kush told him he could have killed himself. But in a shocking twist, Gray got up and pushed Kush onto the tracks as the train passed.

Gray then looked around and quickly left the subway station. but how does it continue?

What happens next? What happened to whitney?

The bosses at EastEnders aren’t sure what’s going to happen next.

The audience was deeply appalled, but hopeful that cameras captured the murderous act … unless there is a major flaw in the plot!

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