Lady C claims Meghan ‘plays Harry like a violin’

In the latest Prince Harry news, Lady Colin Campbell has claimed royal insiders told her Meghan played her husband “like a fiddle.”

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant and royal biographer Lady C, 71, made the sensational claims on her YouTube channel.

Lady C made the claims about Meghan on her YouTube channel (Credit:

What are the latest claims about Prine Harry and Meghan?

Lady C wrote Meghan and Harry: The True Story in 2020.

And she was a repeated critic of the royal couple.

During another hour-long Q&A session with fans on her channel, she said she got inside information while writing the bio.

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She claimed that concern “welled up” in royal circles before the couple left for America.

Lady C said, “This was one of the reasons why certain of Harry’s family were so eager to write the book and why they gave me some of the information they were doing.”

Prince Harry at the latest: Lady C claims that Meghan plays Harry like a violin
Lady C didn’t crush her words (Image credit: YouTube)

“Play him like a violin”

She said: “You were of the opinion that Meghan – as I said repeatedly – played Harry like Jascha Heifetz used to play the violin.”

Lady C went on to explain that Jascha Heifetz was one of the best violin players of all time.

She added: “It is indeed kudos for me to say that Meghan is an artist at the highest level when it comes to playing Harry.

“I have little doubt that I have privately heard all of the things that I was privy to. [Harry’s] The relatives were deeply concerned about what was going on in this relationship. “

ED! went to Buckingham Palace and Meghan and Harry have a comment.

Prince Harry at the latest: Lady C claims that Meghan plays Harry like a violin
Lady C made further arson allegations about Harry’s relationship with the UK public (Credit:

What else did Lady C say?

Lady C took questions from followers during their hour-long chat and also described Meghan as “extremely manipulative”.

She also said, “Harry doesn’t seem to be falling too far behind her right now.”

This was in response to questions about the Prince’s comment on his mother’s death during the Apple + documentary series The Me You Can’t See.

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During the series, he documented his struggles after Princess Diana’s death and wondered about the relationship between the public and his mother.

“Harry doesn’t understand that what he says is not good to say to an audience who loved him and his mother, ‘Know your place, little people, and don’t forget’,” said Lady C.

“Harry despises her, it’s pretty obvious he does. I think it’s a very nasty approach, really. “

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