Lady C describes her as “I’m a Celebrity” with “human rats”

Farm Celebrities Star Lady C revealed that she enjoyed her stay on the MTV show a lot more than her appearance on I’m A Celebrity.

Lady Colin Campbell made her way down under to the jungle show in 2015.

However, she left early for medical reasons.

She later claimed that she felt bullied by some other roommates and that was what made her move away from the competition.

Lady C loved everything about her farm experience (Credit: MTV)

What did Lady C say about I’m a Celebrity?

After leaving the jungle, Lady C made a number of allegations about her time in the jungle.

She also threatened to take legal action against Tony Hadley and Duncan Bannatyne, whom she viewed most as victims.

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Now that she speaks exclusively to Entertainment Daily, she has compared some of her roommates to “rats”.

Well, in the jungle, I had no problem with the rats, it was the human rats that I had a problem with.

When asked how celebs on the farm compared to I’m a Celebrity, Lady C made the comments.

No “human rats” on celebs on the farm, says Lady C.

She said, “Well, in the jungle, I didn’t have a problem with the rats, it was the human rats that I had a problem with.”

Lady C added, “At Stepney Hill Farm [where Celebs On The Farm was filmed] I had no problem with any of the animals or any of the actors. No problems at all.

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“It was a very happy experience. One of the happiest experiences of my life, ”she added.

Lady C continued, “I can honestly say that anyone I met on the show would be very happy to have them in my life for the rest of my life.

“When you do things, often in the end there are people that I hope you will never see again, but that wasn’t the case,” she added.

Meghan Markle at an event
Lady C appeared to admit that Meghan Markle is “full of feces” (Credit: Splash News)

Younger royals “too precious” to live on a farm

ED! also asked which of the royal family would be best suited for life on a farm.

“The Queen, Princess Anne, Prince Philip,” commented Lady C.

What about the younger ones, ED! asked?

“Certainly not some of the latest additions. No, definitely no. They are too precious, ”she said.

Lady C then assumed an American accent and appeared to be mocking the Duchess of Sussex.

“Oh no, I don’t want any poop around me,” joked Lady C.

“I’ve spent my whole life leaving poop behind, but I’m full of it [laughs]. ”

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