Laura Whitmore offers a first glimpse of the villa’s breathtaking glow

Love Island 2021 is just around the corner! The long-awaited series is back on Monday evening (June 28th).

And ITV just released pictures of the stunning mansion.

Mallorca Love Island Villa looks like it has gotten a bit of a flash and a serious makeover this year.

After the 2020 show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the villa now looks more glamorous than ever.

Villa Love Island looks particularly glamorous this year (Image: ITV)

Love Island 2021: What do we know about the villa?

Hostess Laura Whitmore was excited to finally be at the mansion.

Until now she had never gone in as she had previously hosted Winter Love Island.

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This short-lived spin-off series was hosted in South Africa.

I am very happy to show you around.

On the tour of the Spanish villa, Laura enthused: “Welcome to Love Island 2021!

“This is my first time in the iconic villa on Mallorca.

“I am very happy to show you everything.”

Love Island 2021
The show is almost back! (Photo credit: ITV)

What did Laura say about the Villa Love Island 2021?

Laura then shows the epic garden.

She said: “This amazing outdoor area offers the most breathtaking views in Mallorca.”

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And this time around, there’s even a selfie wing mirror called Selfie Obsessed!

Laura continued: “The new selfie mirror! Handy for taking these group photos. “

The huge swing seat is again “for these intimate conversations”.

Love Island 2021
How cute is Love Island cuisine this year? (Photo credit: ITV)

The outdoor day beds have also returned and are apparently “ready for heart to heart”.

The kitchen now has a fluorescent light over the island that reads: “Eat, sleep, crack on, repeat.”

While the bedroom looks all too familiar with multiple double beds in the huge bedroom.

But this year there are some very naughty new headboards.

One shows a giant eggplant while the other is an unpeeled banana.

Love Island 2021
We expect a lot of action from this chair! (Photo credit: ITV)

The secret hiding place returns!

The entrance hall is also equipped with brand new neon advertising – the word love surrounded by a dripping heart.

The lounge looks as usual – apart from a pull-out double bed – the new home of the “dog house”.

Love Island's dog house
Love Island’s dog house also got a makeover this year (Photo credit: ITV)

A secret hiding place returns with some “secret drawers”.

The bathroom is stocked with the latest in beauty products and the terrace looks pretty much the same.

Laura showed the dressing room and teased “the dressing room is the tidiest one it will ever be”.

All in all, this year the villa has received some additional details that make it appear higher quality and trendier than in previous seasons.

So when does Love Island start?

Love Island starts on Monday June 28th at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

It will be available on ITV Hub shortly after the first episode airs.

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