Leanne discovers Simon’s drug secret

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Leanne discovers that Simon was a drug dealer.

This week Sam sees Simon and Jacob bundle a young boy into a car and drive away scared with Simon’s bag full of cocaine.

In the next week’s scenes, Simon cornered Sam and assured him that what he saw was just a prank and no one was actually hurt.

Nick is pleased to see that they seem to get along. But when he later receives a call from Sam’s school to say he had a breakdown and injured another child, Nick is concerned.

Sam has a breakdown at school (Credit: ITV)

Later, when Nick tries to speak to Sam, he refuses to open up. However, when Jacob comes into the cafe, Sam is scared and runs out.

Eventually Nick persuades the truth about his son and he confronts Simon.

Leanne is horrified and turns to Simon to learn the truth.

With all eyes on him, Simon lies and assures his mother that it was just a prank. But Nick doesn’t believe a word he says and orders Simon to stay away from Sam.

Nick orders Simon to stay away from Sam (Image credit: ITV)

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Simon tells Jacob that he has his bag back and is ready to take care of the delivery, but when an angry Leanne confronts him with the parcel of Coke, Simon snaps.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne learns about Simon’s drug trafficking

He reveals that he was dealing drugs because someone has to put food on the table and is on their way.

Simon tells Leanne they need to make money (Credit: ITV)

Back at home, Leanne promises that she will fix herself, but they have to go to the police.

Simon is appalled and explains that he owes his boss money and that he will kill him if he goes to the police.

Leanne confides in Toyah what Sam said. Horrified, Toyah urges Leanne to attack Simon, but Leanne takes it as an argument with her parenting skills.

When Simon returns home with Jacob in tow, a shaken Leanne walks into her room.

Leanne watches Jacob and Simon catch their drug money (Credit: ITV)

Later, Leanne gets up and finds Jacob and Simon counting their drug money. When she objects, Jacob digs for her dead son.

Leanne turns around, but when she tries to grab him, she smashes Oliver’s music box. Leanne asks Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop trading, but Simon points out the truth – they need the money.

Carla orders Jacob to withdraw from Simon

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A desperate Leanne tells Carla that Simon is going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter. Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved.

She soon confronts Jacob and warns him to withdraw from Simon. But will he agree?

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