Leanne hits Simon and leaves the audience angry

Viewers on Coronation Street were divided when Leanne discovered that her son Simon had been delivering drugs in the episode last night (Monday March 1).

In the past few weeks, Simon has worked as hard as possible to help Leanne. Leanne hasn’t worked as she is still mourning her son Oliver, who died of mitochondrial disease last year.

But when they started fighting for money, the teenager agreed to deliver drugs for Jacob.

Simon helped Jacob (Image credit: ITV)

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Last week Jacob picked Simon up so they could teach this young guy who owed Jacob something.

Jacob and Simon packed him in the trunk of Jacob’s car and threatened to set it on fire, but they let go of him.

However, this was testified by Nick’s son Sam, who was afraid of what he saw.

Coronation Street: Leanne learns about Simon’s drug trafficking

Visiting the cobblestones last night, Sam agreed to keep what he saw a secret. But after collapsing at school, Nick knew something was wrong.

After escaping into Roy’s cafe restroom when he saw Jacob, Sam finally told his father what had happened. Nick confronted Simon and although he played it off as a prank, Nick didn’t believe him.

Leanne discovered Simon’s drug secret (Credit: ITV)

While Leanne was trusting her son, she later found his drugs hidden in his pocket.

Leanne was furious and confronted Simon. But he told her he had to take control as they couldn’t pay the bills.

He tried his mother and said while she was grieving she didn’t realize how badly they were sinking so he had no choice.

Leanne was furious when she found out what Simon was up to (Credit: ITV)

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She then told him it was all up to her before storming out.

The argument left viewers divided, and some tried Simon because they hadn’t better understood his mother’s grief.

While other Leanne tried not to take care of their other son.

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