Learn about actress Manpreet Kaur Kaile and her brave but interesting journey as a performer

Actress Manpreet Kaur Kaile, who made the headlines for her debut in Ath Entertainment’s most recent music video, Rangbaz Saiyaan, composed by legendary Neeraj Shridhar, feels fortunate to have worked with the production house.

Announcing her trip, Manpreet Kaur Kaile says, “I’ve had this interest in the aliens, aliens and UFO stuff since I was a kid. I’ve always wondered what if our reality is a simulation and if so, who made it? What is the purpose of it all? Why are we here? I like thermodynamics and analysis. While studying aerospace engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Cornell University, I discovered an interest in acting, but since I came from a conservative South Asian family, it was obvious to me to graduate to get a job and get married. “

“I later started a theater minor at Seattle Central College. Then I decided to move to Mumbai and immerse myself in the unknown world of Bollywood. When I got here, I didn’t know a soul, but somewhere in my heart I knew I belonged here, ”she adds.

She describes her challenges as follows: “I wasn’t really meant for Bollywood. It was a conscious decision on my part to speak my truth after completing my education. I decided to be brave and drop the safe rope. I took a one-way ticket to Mumbai and immersed myself in the big bad world of Bollywood! It wasn’t easy, but it is a sweet justice to know that the path I am on is meant for me. “

Manpreet continues about her collaboration with Ath Entertainment: “As an outsider, I know that it is not easy to survive in Mumbai, especially when you know you will be spending months without work finding your niche and your tribe, and then ath entertainment came to my rescue. Ath Ent. always made sure that whenever I stand in front of the camera, I play characters that I enjoy doing. My voice as an artist is valued and my fears / worries are always heard. There is an opportunity to be creative and grow. I feel at home with them. “

Meit Shah, MD, Blue Waves Event, who worked with Ath Entertainment at Rangbaz Saiyaan, was raised in Melbourne, Australia and lives in Orlando, Florida, USA. Over the past 12 years he has sponsored and hosted many Bollywood events in the US and Australia. He comes up with the township project near Disney World and gives the eb5 green card. He has other companies around the world. Rangbaz Saiyaan is presented by Ath Entertainment under the direction of Pankaj Narayan and produced by Apoorva Bajaj.

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