Life like sex doll manufacturer Jade Stanley appalled by childish model wishes

Lifelike sex dolls have never been more accessible thanks to business owner Jade Stanley looking to normalize her niche in the sex toy industry.

Her company, Sex Doll Official, is featured in an episode of the Channel 5 documentary series Adults Only.

When we sat down for a chat with Jade, the businesswoman and mother of four shed light on some of the despicable requests she was receiving – and revealed how much comfort dolls are for real customers.

Jade Stanley is the brains behind Sex Doll Official (Image credit: Jade Stanley / Sex Doll Official)

‘Disruptive’ requests

Their company, Sex Doll Official, offers an insane amount of customization for their dolls and customers can have the faces and other body parts exactly how they want them.

Unfortunately, this means that Jade and her team have to kick back some really “terrible” requests.

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She told us, “I’ve had some terrible requests for more childlike dolls, which really bothers me.

“I deal with every single customer and see and hear everything. Morally and ethically I cannot, I would never maintain that. “

She makes dolls look like everyone else (Image credit: Jade Stanley / Sex Doll Official)

Jade explained how people who want more childish dolls ask about them in a roundabout way, but she speaks them out immediately.

“What they do is they do it in a roundabout way,” she explained. “They say, ‘I want a small doll, I want it this height …’ I will not sell dolls that are smaller than 140 cm.”

I’ve had some terrible requests for more childlike dolls which really bothers me … it’s not something I would ever entertain.

Jade also revealed how inquiries for Sex Doll Official products have gone through the roof during the lockdown – and she believes one positive trait of the dolls is the companionship they offer.

She said, “I’ve had customers contact me and thank me for how amazing it is that they actually have someone in their home.”

These customers, said Jade, would otherwise have felt alone.

Jade and her company have featured on This Morning (Photo credit: Jade Stanley / Sex Doll Official)

Lifelike sex dolls as companions

“I know people say, ‘Oh sex dolls, aren’t they funny’ or whatever, but no, they have so much more to offer,” she continued.

“You also have to remember that it is COVID safe sex which is a massive selling point for these dolls. People can’t go out now. Socially awkward people, for example, could not go out and visit a brothel or have an escort, that is an impossibility.

“Aside from the fact that these facilities are closed, there is a serious problem with the transmission of COVID-19. So having a sex doll is fantastic.”

She also revealed that sales of the company’s male dolls have “definitely” increased since the lockdown began last March.

“Our male dolls sold very well, really very well,” she said enthusiastically. “[We’ve] I’ve definitely seen a jump in sales with them. “

Jade said male doll sales have increased (credit: Jade Stanley / Sex Doll Official)

Lifelike sex dolls that look like deceased partners or celebrities

When asked about the inquiries, Jade spoke about customers asking for dolls that were supposed to look like a deceased partner.

“It’s a common request,” she said before adding, “But we do so much more than that.

“People have sex dolls for all sorts of reasons, but ultimately, people have sex dolls because it’s companionship. They are companion dolls. Loneliness is so important in our society now because of what is going on. “

She revealed that the resemblance of US megastar Kim Kardashian is a request for comment on the dolls they make.

“We’re getting a lot of inquiries for Kim Kardashian,” said Jade. “But I can’t make a Kim doll because I don’t have her permission. However, the possibilities are endless, especially when we have the person’s permission. “

When asked what some of the more unusual requests are, Jade said they had a few strange requests.

The businesswoman will appear on the adult-only Channel 5 series (Image Credit: Jade Stanley / Sex Doll Official)

Vaginas on breasts and feet

She said, “I had someone apply for a vagina in a breast which I could do. Really, any weird requests that I’ve had I’ve never been able to accommodate because what you can do is amazing.

“We also had a request for a vagina in one foot on the doll as well as for the normal vagina.”

Jade predicts that at some point dolls will become as mainstream as other sex toys.

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“Why can’t we have a sex doll shop on Main Street?” Asked Jade. She hopes to eventually open a Sex Doll Official pop-up shop once the pandemic is over. “Why can’t we give this option to the public? It’s not shabby, it doesn’t need to be hidden.

“Dolls provide extraordinary comfort to many, many people, and if you could hear some of my customers you would really understand. There is so much more to it. “

– Jade and her business feature in “Adults Only: Sex Dolls Gone Wild,” which will air Monday February 1st at 10pm on 5Star

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