Linda Robson “forgets” that she worked with a guest

At Loose Women today, Linda Robson was red in the face after forgetting that she had previously worked with guest Luisa Bradshaw-White.

Actress Linda, 63, buried her face in her hands during the awkward exchange this afternoon (Thursday June 3).

She apparently had no recollection of Luisa appearing on Birds of a Feather when it aired on BBC One.

Luisa when she appeared on Birds of a Feather (Image: ITV Hub)

Loose Women today: Linda’s and Luisa’s “loose connection”

At the beginning of the show, it was revealed that Guest Luisa had a bit of history with another panelist.

A clip showing ex EastEnders star Luisa shared a scene with Linda on the long-running sitcom was then aired.

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Yet despite the evidence in front of her eyes, Linda admitted that she couldn’t remember the fact that they had worked together.

And embarrassingly, it turned out that the couple had more screen time than this one scene.

How Linda reacted

Linda looked slightly confused as they rolled the clip – but also apologized for not remembering their collaboration.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t remember,” she admitted.

I really impressed you, didn’t I?

However, it appears that Linda has been informed that they have appeared on the show more than once.

Linda added, “I’m really sorry Luisa, apparently you’ve been to two episodes, haven’t you?”

Casual women today
Luisa and Linda shared at least one scene together (Image credit: ITV Hub)

How Luisa reacted

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of Linda’s discomfort.

Because Luisa then informed her that her character could also be seen in a Christmas special.

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A humiliated Linda then covered her face with her hands. But Luisa took up the exchange in a good mood.

To the reactions of the rest of the panel with wide eyes, Luisa thought: “I really impressed you, didn’t I?”

Interjecting moderator Kaye Adams said: “I’ll tell you what, you actors are a fickle bunch, aren’t you!”

Casual women today
Luisa laughs at the mistake (Image credit: ITV Hub)

It wasn’t the only moment in today’s Loose Women that featured a reference to Birds of a Feather.

Linda also revealed that her mother “turned” on her former co-star and sister Pauline Quirke.

Linda explained, “There was a time when Pauline Quirke was in Emmerdale and she played a really bad character. And you [Linda’s mum] turned against Pauline!

“[Linda’s mum] said: ‘Oh, I never knew she was like this!’ “

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