Linda Robson is silent when leaving Pauline Quirke

A Feather Star’s Birds Linda Robson finally broke her silence when co-star Pauline Quirke left.

Pauline was absent from last year’s Christmas special and from the 2019 30th anniversary special.

And there have been violent rumors of a rift behind the scenes between the ladies who have been friends for more than 50 years.

However, Linda has now broken her silence on this subject.

Linda Robson broke her silence over Pauline Quirke’s Birds of a Feather departure (Image credit: ITV)

What did Linda Robson say about Birds of a Feather?

To speak to expressLinda revealed that it was Pauline’s decision to leave Birds of a Feather.

She said the cast and audience must “respect” that it was Pauline’s “choice” to leave.

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Linda, a panelist at Loose Women, said Pauline wanted to focus on her acting academies.

Obviously people miss Pauline, but we have to respect that it was their decision to stop doing it.

Pauline had played Sharon Theodopolopodous on the show since 1989.

Linda, who plays Tracey Stubbs, stated, “Obviously people miss Pauline, but we have to respect that it was her decision to stop doing it. She wants to focus on her academy. “

Cast feather birds
Lesley, Linda and Pauline on the popular sitcom (Credit: ITV)

Birds of a Feather Christmas Special: “We did our best”

The rest of the cast, including Lesley Joseph who plays Dorien Green, was excited to attend the 2020 Christmas Special.

And Linda admitted that in Pauline’s absence they “did the best we could”.

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She said, “If she [the producers] asked us, we said, ‘Yeah, we’d still like to do it. We are not finished yet. ‘

“I think it worked really well because they wrote a good script and we did our best.”

What are the crack rumors?

Rumors of “tension” behind the scenes have been blamed for Pauline’s absence.

According to an insider, “real and tense problems” were the reason why Pauline did not take part in the 30th anniversary special and later in the Christmas special 2020.

Her character Sharon was advertised and screenwriters revealed she was “stuck on a COVID cruise.”

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