Line of Duty fans make the same joke about Jenny from Gogglebox ahead of the finale!

Gogglebox star and Line Of Duty super fan Jenny Newby seems to have a clear head ahead of today’s finale.

Jenny, 64, was filmed enjoying a non-alcoholic beer with her best friend and co-star Lee on Saturday night.

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Lee even teased Jenny about not drinking alcohol with him and his brother, who is staying with him.

“Here we are, Saturday night in the trailer,” he said in an Instagram video. “Who is the one who is not drinking right?”

When he looked at Jenny as she held up her bottle of Becks Blue, he laughed and said, “Here’s a clue!”

But fans were quick to defend Jenny and her choice, deciding that Line Of Duty is the reason for this.

Jenny from Googlebox takes notes while on duty (Image credit: Twitter / C4)

What does Gogglebox star Jenny do during Line Of Duty?

Series 5 is set to come to a dramatic end and Gogglebox fans hope Jenny is ready and ready.

Gogglebox viewers will know that she is an avid observer of the BBC drama and even writes key phrases and pointers in a notebook when it’s on.

The star believes that her careful taking of notes will help her resolve the twists and turns in the plot.

Commenting on the clip, a fan said: “Jenny has a clear head ready for @bbclinesofduty.”

Another added, “She needs a clear head for the LOD finale … can’t take notes with a hangover!”

A third repeated her thoughts and added: “Jenny has a clear head for Line of Duty tomorrow night!”

Jenny from Gogglebox joins Line Of Duty

Last week, Jenny and Lee hysterically left fans after editing a Line Of Duty picture.

They put the No1 fan of the series in it and wrote, “Mother of God is Jenny, the new Hasting at AC12, every excuse to sit next to Steve Arnott.”

Jenny and Lee’s co-star and pal Izzy Warner couldn’t get enough.

“Oh, that drove me crazy! Great! “She commented.

Line Of Duty actress Vicky McClure even reposted it on her Instagram stories and showed her approval.

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Fans of the crime thriller are counting down the hours to today’s finale as the identity of suspect ‘H’ is finally revealed.

Bookies announced their odds on Friday, with Patricia Carmichael being the favorite to be debunked as the fourth man or woman it could turn out to be.

Actor Martin Compston, who plays Steve Arnott, has since admitted he’s scared of accidentally exposing a spoiler.

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