Line of Duty Finale Review

The Line of Duty Finale certainly got people talking, but much of the noise is people’s bitter disappointment with the ending.

Lots of fans complain that they invested so much time and hype only to find out that H was the awkward Brummie Buckells.

Others welcomed the revelation and reveled in the sad truth that corruption is banal and is often not instigated by the sharpest moral vacuum.

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After the Line of Duty Finale, the review process begins with many fans unhappy with the H reveal (Credit: BBC).

Line of Duty Review – What the Critics Say

The times‘Ben Dowell gave the final four stars out of five

That reviewer said it gave viewers “a compilation of the biggest hits: a prison car interception, guns drawn, and a faint hint of political parable”.

He acknowledged that the revelation of H as Buckells was “extremely disappointing on one level,” but argued that “at least it felt plausible.”


He wrote: “Of course it was staring us in the face all the time. We knew H couldn’t spell, and it was this mistake that “definitely hit” him, largely thanks to a forensic search of police records that AC-12 could have done 10 episodes ago.

“But we wouldn’t have had that much fun.”

Lucy Mangan from The guard there were three stars out of five

“The finale finally gave us – if I suspect many will feel more anti-climactic – the identity of the person known as the H for nearly five series,” she wrote.

“But what Line of Duty lost on the way was important. Kate and Steve began to lose touch a few years ago.

Self parody

Commenting on the decline of the interview scenes, she added, “For the most part in this series they have been reduced to exercises for memorizing abbreviations and exhibition numbers while getting dangerously close to self-parody.

“Everything was alright. But oh my god you should have seen it when it was good “

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Ian Buckells Line of Duty
As a banal villain, was Buckells a stroke of genius? (Image credit: BBC)

Louisa Mellor from the Den of Geek

“The TV turns were inconspicuous, but honest and well camouflaged.

“This whole exercise was a lesson from Brummie Jed Mercurio in adverse attitudes to the Birmingham accent. There are clearly more brains than anyone behind Buckells’ twang, if not with a conscience.

“Adrian Dunbar demolished the roof”

“If this turns out to be the last episode of Line of Duty, at least we know Ted won’t go to his grave unscathed.

“His true confession was previously made to Steve and Kate in one of several emotional speeches that Adrian Dunbar used to demolish the roof of this episode.

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