Line of duty moments other shows couldn’t get away with …

I love it as much as we do, there are times when Line of Duty is just a little bit far fetched …

But of course, given the overall brilliance of the BBC cop show, we’re ready to put up with disbelief and soak it all up.

While we get to work with a reasonably forensic approach for series six, here is some information the more head scratching line of duty moments.

Tony takes strange action with the whiskey glass (Image credit: BBC / YouTube)

Gates’ Whiskey a go go: Series 1

After witnessing Jackie’s brutal murder, Tony shows up looking cool as ice. His composure is only shaken by his knowledge that he screwed up leaving a whiskey glass with his prints in her house.

So he sniffs it and while Steve’s search becomes desperate, Tony tries to dump it in a lake.

He is thwarted by an observing fisherman and then lays a false lead that tells various colleagues that either it is in a storm drain, crack, or pond.

Really, he put it in the police station’s kitchen cupboard after running it through the dishwater.

And that still begs the question: why doesn’t he just smash it and stick it in Recycling?

Line of Duty Series 4 Huntley Lives!
Roz Huntley isn’t dead after all (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

“Hello Tim!”: Series 4

After an argument gets out of hand, Tim Ifield believes he has Roz Huntley’s body in his kitchen.

Aside from the likelihood that as a forensic scientist he can determine that she is actually alive, he goes to the stores to buy a few bits and pieces to help himself out of the chaos.

But just as he is about to deal with his shiny new chainsaw, Roz Tim suddenly scares his life. What’s left of it.

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Dot Cottan escapes the service line
Dot Cottan makes a runner out of the interrogation room (Image credit: BBC / YouTube)

“Urgent exit required”: Series 3

When he realizes it’s game over, Dot sends the infamous SOS text from one of his many burners.

This immediately results in machine gun cops bursting in and covering him while he escapes the building.

Kate chases a passing van and sails down the main street, holding onto the wing mirror like a Tom Cruise stuntman before finally knocking Dot to the ground.

Certainly a sight that you don’t see every day in the Central Plateau.

Georgia Trotman Death Line of Duty
Steve’s new love interest comes to a messy end (Image credit: BBC / YouTube)

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Goodbye Georgia, we barely knew you: Series 2

Hopes were high when DC Georgia Trotman was introduced. Steve Arnott was beautiful, lively, a die-hard drinker and a great pool hustler.

But after running to the hospital to check on the witness, they disturb an assassin disguised as a nurse.

Steve strikes, but poor Georgia makes a very urgent exit right through the window. (Don’t even hospitals have double glazing these days?)

Arise DS Lazarus: Series 4

Steve Arnott threw down the stairs
Steve is dead but miraculously recovering (Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

When Steve walks into Nick Huntley’s office and faces a man in a baseball balaclava, it really does look like curtains.

When Steve flies down three flights of stairs and lies on a concrete floor with blood pouring out of his head, a long hospital stay seems like the least he can get away with.

But … just a few days later he’s back at work and seems absolutely fine. Verily it is one of the most wonderful moments of the line of duty.

The Miraculous Recovery of the One-Armed Woman: Series 4

Huntley in Line of Duty loses her hand
Huntley is quick on her feet after losing her forearm (Image credit: BBC / YouTube)

Speaking of medical miracles, they have to recruit these police forces from pretty tough stuff. First and foremost, Roz Huntley manages to continue a criminal cover-up while her arm literally rots to pieces.

Then, the day after she woke up in the hospital to find it had been amputated, she discharged.

She stays calm (aside from injecting for her husband) and moves on – having recovered the fastest in history after surgery.

Dot Cottan H-Code Roster
Dot Cottan’s death revelation holds the key to H – or does it (Credit: BBC / YouTube)

Dying Dot’s Shaky Fingers: Series 5

Dot’s dying statement appears to have been seen more times by AC-12 than the closing moments of the 1966 Word Cup final.

But of course it’s the golden boy Steve who cracks the clue.

In a blinding moment of revelation, he notices that Dot was typing the Morse code for the letter H – four dots – with his left hand.

H is not an initial, it’s a clue, ”he explains. “Four points, four caddies, four police leaders in organized crime.” Roger that? Uh, if you say so, Steve …

Hopefully more light will come into the dark in the sixth series …

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