Line Of Duty Season 6 Episode Three: 11 Burning Questions!

Line Of Duty episode three of season six turned the drama to eleven tonight – and a few more. With the plot densifying significantly, it’s time to take stock and find out what just happened.

Here are our burning questions – all 11! Mother of God!

Did Jo intentionally cut off the interview in the third episode of the sixth season of Line of Duty? (Image credit: BBC)

Did Jo cut off the interview because she didn’t want Terry to reveal the truth?

After a (shady) testimony re-implicated Terry Boyle in the murder of Gail Vella, Jo Davidson and the Operation Lighthouse team pulled him in for further questioning.

Terry insisted he wasn’t the man arguing with the CHIS in the pub and looked like he was going to reveal who the “other man” was.

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Just as he was about to do this – and to protest from Kate – Jo ended the interview.

Yes, poor Terry was getting more and more excited and desperate, but they were on the verge of breakthrough.

Could Jo have ended the interview on purpose?

Jo Davidson Line Of Duty
Jo is watching Kate (Image Credit: BBC)

Does Jo get suspicious of Kate?

After the fatal car accident and trying to weigh on Terry Boyle’s life, Kate knew something was wrong.

After following the car to the reservoir and Ryan and Terry emerged from the water, she went to AC-12.

However, Jo watched her the whole time.

Not only had she admonished Kate when she tried to get answers from Terry Boyle in the interview earlier in the episode, but she also wondered why Kate had followed Ryan and Terry’s car in the first place.

Everything looked so rosy for the couple … but has Kate lost Jo’s confidence now?

Ryan Pilkington Line Of Duty
Ryan was up to his old tricks (Credit: BBC)

Why didn’t Steve and Kate take action against Ryan Pilkington?

Ryan was in crisp, nasty shape tonight for the sixth season of Line of Duty.

After drowning PC Lisa Patel in the reservoir, Kate went to AC-12 to tell them about the incident.

When she and Steve searched the database for Ryan, they were in shock – they both remembered him from his youth.

Why didn’t they do anything about it?

There were numerous ways to catch him, not least when Kate interviewed him after the car accident and paid a visit to Steve The Hill.

Could it be that they are biding their time and waiting for the right moment in the sixth season of Line of Duty?

Ted Hastings has a new catchphrase in Line Of Duty
Are Ted and Kate still friends? (Image credit: BBC)

What’s wrong with Ted and Kate?

Kate returned to AC-12 tonight to cover the car accident and the attempt in Terry Boyle’s life.

Up until that point, Chief Superintendent Ted Hastings had always stayed away from Kate’s involvement and was obviously aware of something that had happened between the couple between the fifth and this series.

However, there was a touch of warmth between the two as Kate left the AC-12 office.

So, what’s up? Are you still friends and what? Really happened between them?

Gail Vella line of duty
Gail was working on something big (Credit: BBC)

Does Gail Vella’s work have parallels to that Cliff Richard investigation and Operation Yewtree?

Last week fans drew parallels between the murder of the fictional character Gail Vella and the murder of BBC journalist Jill Dando.

This week, AC-12 checked more found footage of Gail’s work.

In it, Gail interviewed PCC Rohan Sindwhani, who again denied institutional corruption in the police force.

His rejection came in response to questions raised by Gail about the repression of police investigations into child exploitation and abuse.

Instead of examining bent copper coppers, its officials chose to focus on “celebrities and VIPs” and worked with the BBC to enable a news helicopter to film a search for a “senior pop star’s house”.

Could these claims have more parallels to more real cases?

After all, Sir Cliff Richard has received substantial damages from the BBC after they filmed a police raid on his property in 2014.

Ted Hastings Line of Duty
Steve and Ted discuss Terry Boyle’s case (Credit: BBC)

Is Ted obsessed with H?

Ted was dusted off by Sindwhani and DCC Andrea Wise.

While Sindwhani only seemed to care about PR and the press response to AC-12’s investigation into Operation Lighthouse, DCC Wise had a quiet word with Ted and said he was obsessed with finding H.

This is in line with what Steve said about the H case in last week’s episode.

However, Wise reminded him that he was walking on thin ice when she told him, “This is not about old battles.”

Ted replied with a zinger, “The name is Hastings, ma’am, I’m the epitome of an old battle.”

Chloe Line Of Duty
Chloe and Steve found Terry’s freezer (Image credit: BBC)

Is cuckoo really one thing?

Chloe found the freezer from Terry Boyle’s apartment in a junkyard, and subsequent forensic tests revealed traces of Jackie Laverty’s DNA were in the freezer.

Jackie, who was murdered in the first series, had been hacked by Ryan and his gang and put in the freezer without Terry knowing it.

Steve and Chloe explained to Ted that this looked like a case of “cuckoo”.

Cuckoo gets its name from cuckoos that take over other birds’ nests.

And in this case, it means criminals are taking over someone’s house so they can do naughty things.

Like keeping corpses in freezers.

Steve Arnott Line Of Duty
Steve is under pressure for drug use (Credit: BBC)

What does Ted know about Steve’s habit of being a prescription pain reliever?

There was a lot going on with Steve tonight.

His addiction to prescription pain medication was almost shaken when Steph told Ted about his pill-popping.

Ted nodded to him, however, as AC-9 circulated the building and ran drug tests – which he apparently ordered.

However, he didn’t save him from the second round. Will he help if the saying hits the fan?

Did Steve sleep with Steph just to find the money?

And that wasn’t all that happened to Steve in tonight’s episode.

His fascination with Steph and Ted’s relationship continued and he revisited John Corbett’s widow.

And again.

Steve, who has a certain reputation for women, spent the night with Steph.

And while there seemed to be real warmth between the two, he put on his latex gloves and searched her house as soon as she went to work.

He found the money Ted had given her, but what will he do next and did he use Steph to find the money?

Exercise of duty
The Return of a Familiar Face (Credit: BBC)

Where have you seen the jailer?

You can always rely on Line Of Duty for one or four callbacks.

This week it was a prison guard from the second series.

The audience saw Farida Jatri being taken into custody by an Offender Management Officer.

And hardcore LOD fans will have recognized her – she was the same OMO (Alison Merchant) who brutally attacked Lindsay Denton in the second series.

When it comes to OCG connections, who says Merchant doesn’t put pressure on Farida too?

Kate and Joanne Line Of Duty Series Six?
What’s next for Jo Davidson? (Image credit: BBC One)

Is Jo clear now?

At the end of the episode, fans saw Jo contact the OCG through the same news service we saw in the fifth series.

She told them everything was under control.

Jo had successfully sewn up her ex, Farida, and her boss, Ian Buckells.

She had also desperately tried to frame Terry Boyle as well.

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So it looks like her path is clear … right now.

But with Kate becoming increasingly suspicious of her actions and AC-12 expanding its forensic investigation of Farida’s house (as well as his intention to interview Terry Boyle), she stopped working.

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