Liv Flaherty Alcoholism Storyline “Ruined Her Character”

Emmerdale fans slammed Liv Flaherty and her alcoholism storyline and said that she ruined her character.

Viewers have watched Liv start drinking again for the past few months.

emmerdale liv flaherty drink

Struggling to process her guilty feelings about Paul Ashdale’s death, she hit the bottle.

But while she was drinking, she slapped ex Vinny Dingle, made fun of her brother Aaron’s own history of sexual abuse, and slapped everyone.

And she has risked her own life – she ignores her seizures.

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Now fans have claimed that the character will be ruined by the plot.

One angry fan wrote on the DigitalSpy forums: “She is 19, unemployed, uneducated, alcoholic and has no other life than drinking and curious about her older brother’s love life.”

A second said, “How they developed her into this unsympathetic character really spoiled this promising young actress.

“I really don’t like any of the scenes she is in right now.”

A third said, “Liv has been my favorite Emmerdale character for a number of years.

“However, you really have to move this story forward as it quickly becomes untraceable.”

Liv Flaherty’s alcoholism storyline was slammed by Emmerdale fans (Image: ITV)

The alcoholism story of Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty was slammed by fans

A fourth said, “Liv was ruined when she was brought in as Dingle! The best you can do to save them is get them away from you and Aaron. “

Others said the plot just didn’t make sense.

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One said, “I enjoyed the character of Liv, who is a good actress: but turning her into a teenage alcoholic spoiled her plot.

“Liv doesn’t work, so where does she get the money for her continuous supply of vodka, which I think is very expensive?”

Another said, “Why is Liv only an alcoholic in the house? You don’t see them outside of that. Makes no sense.”

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