Liv is broken when Vinny drops her

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Liv is left heartbroken after Vinny drops her. But it quickly becomes clear that there is more going on.

In this week’s scenes, Vinny discovers that his father Paul was never kidnapped and that it was set up by him and Connor to get money from Vinny’s friend Liv.

But when Vinny threatens to go to Mandy, Paul attacks him, leaving him unconscious and bleeding.

In the next week’s scenes, Paul panics when he hears from Aaron that Liv is already in the hospital and has called the police about Vinny’s attack. He’s going there soon.

Vinny is questioned by police about his attack (Credit: ITV)

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At the hospital, Vinny is about to tell the police everything when he sees Paul walking towards him and the police can’t continue.

When Paul starts criticizing Liv for calling the police, she is suspicious. Determined to stand up for her boyfriend, she insists that they do something and questions Paul’s inaction.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Vinny drops Liv

Vinny is aware of Paul’s growing anger at Liv and tells her to leave. Paul is pleased to have driven a wedge between them.

The next day, under the influence of Paul, Vinny left the hospital and is returning home.

Liv gets suspicious of Paul (Credit: ITV)

When Liv arrives at the Dingles, Vinny is careful to be alone with her. Cagey Vinny tries to stick to Paul’s story, but panics when Liv mentions Connor.

Before a suspicious Liv can investigate any further, Paul returns and tells Vinny to take Liv off her back or else.

Vinny splits up with Liv (Image credit: ITV)

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Fearing for Liv’s safety, Vinny realizes he has to break up with her and ends their relationship.

Liv is shocked and heartbroken. But their plight turns into a determination to find Connor and find out what he knows. Will she reveal the truth?

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