Lockdown roadmap “revealed” with pubs slated to reopen in early May

The government’s lockdown roadmap has been “revealed” and it is said that pubs could reopen their doors “in early May”.

The news will no doubt come as music to the ears of the two Britons desperately looking for a beer and those in the hospitality industry who yearn to hear the sound of cash registers ringing again.

Boris Johnson will announce the easing measures at a press conference on Monday (February 22) on Downing Street.

Boris Johnson will be releasing his lockdown roadmap next week (Credit: Splash News)

What do we know about the lockdown roadmap?

As we already know, schools are slated to reopen on March 8th.

After that, the country should open again at “four-week intervals”.

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This means the British could enjoy a “limited” Easter weekend, but it could be until July before things get “largely normal” again.

Ministers won’t take a final decision on the roadmap until this weekend after reviewing the latest data on the spread of the virus.

What is Boris Johnson likely to announce?

After the reopening of the schools on March 8th, the next unnecessary shops are to be opened.

This is expected to be done in late March or early April.

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Sports such as golf and tennis are also expected to resume in early April.

At the same time, it should be possible to reopen vacation rentals and larger hotels.

People holding a sip of beer
There will be three cheers for beers in early May (Credit: Pexels)

What are people saying about pubs and restaurants?

If all is well, pubs and restaurants on Boris’ list will reopen next.

At the beginning of May, pubs, bars and restaurants are expected to be able to welcome customers again.

There will be limitations, however.

A maximum of two households can sit together inside, and the rule of six households applies outside.

I have to admit, I wonder what the good will be when people are vaccinated so quickly, when we have restrictions for a long time.

Coming in early June, should the infection rate stay low, the rules for pubs and restaurants could be relaxed, extending the rule of six indoors.

In July the British could start their summer vacation.

The hospitality and domestic vacation industries are expected to function normally, but social distancing measures will continue to be in place.

New government slogan

The message to stay at home is to be relaxed by the government and replaced with a new one.

“Are you ready? Check it out. Go” will reportedly be the new coronavirus buzzwords released before schools reopen early next month.

Women in a pub
The rule of six will come back into effect once the restrictions ease (Credit: Pexels).

What did the British say about the lockdown roadmap?

While the roadmap out of lockdown is undoubtedly good news, many think the government is not getting things done fast enough.

They also ask what happened to the promises that the introduction of the vaccine would “end all our misery”.

On Twitter one said: “This leaked information for the Roadmap out Curfew are shambolic.

“The government plans to keep us in our current situation until June / July.

“Do you remember when we were promised that introducing the vaccine would end all our misery?”

“I have to admit, I wonder why it makes sense to get people vaccinated so quickly when we have restrictions for a long time,” wrote another.

Others, however, were pleased with the news.

“Three Days to the first vaccine, five days to RoadmapI can almost smell the beer garden! “A happy Brit posted.

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