Long Lost Family couple separated after an emotional reunion

Long Lost Family viewers were moved to tears last night (January 25th) when mother and daughter were reunited after 50 years.

Pauline Pedder was only 15 when she became pregnant, and her parents forced her to put their daughter up for adoption.

But despite reuniting with Carol on the ITV show, the pandemic has once again forced her apart.

Long Lost Family viewers were moved to tears during their reunion last night (Credit: ITV)

Long Lost Family: What Did Pauline and Carol Say?

Pauline and Louise showed up today (January 26th) in Lorraine and opened their relationship.

Pauline recently moved to Barnsley while daughter Carol lives in Huddersfield.

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Carol, who was named Louise at birth, remembered the instant connection she felt with her mother after reuniting.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, she said: “Yes, I felt a connection. I just felt like it was going to take a long time. she [Pauline] was just so beautiful, she calmed me down immediately. “

Pauline Pedder (right) was reunited with her daughter Carol (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Pauline discussed staying in touch during the pandemic.

The 65-year-old explained: “We text each other every week and call each other.”

We write an SMS every week and call each other

Carol added, “Yes, we’ll call.”

She also said, “It’s really important to me. I can’t believe how many family members there are! “

The mother and daughter appeared in Lorraine today (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened between Pauline and Carol?

Pauline discovered that she was pregnant when she was only 14 years old.

After giving birth at the age of 15, her parents decided that their daughter would be adopted.

Pauline spoke about her first pregnancy and shared, “It remembers all of these emotions. I just wanted a fairytale ending.

“I often just cried and cried under the covers so that nobody would hear about it. I wouldn’t wish these feelings to anyone. I just wanna find my baby “

Pauline and Carol can’t see each other (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Carol, who was adopted by a loving family, had followed Pauline’s life on Facebook for years.

However, she did not answer because she feared that she would be rejected.

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She said to presenter Nicky Clarke, “I always knew I was adopted. My mom just said I was special because I was adopted.

“My parents were good to me, my mother was one in a million, but my mother died 15 years ago.”

Long lost family on ITV1
The Long Lost Family is hosted by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell (Image credit: ITV1)

The two were later reunited in a café between their houses.

Pauline could tell her daughter that she was never a secret before giving her a special necklace.

After they saw each other, Carol said: “I’m just glad that I finally met her after all these years.”

Pauline also added, “It’s a happy ending. Now I feel that my life is complete. “

What did the audience say?

ITV viewers were in tears over the emotional scenes.

One wrote on Twitter: “God, I’m already in tears. What a sad story. Thank goodness times have changed for #LongLostFamily. “

A second said, “Reason to be happy after seeing #longlostfamily during lockdown. I can cry with big eyes and wake up and hide behind my glasses. “

A third also wrote, “OMG, this is the saddest and sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Bless Carol, she is so beautiful. “

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