Loose viewers hit Frankie Bridge because of an Easter egg mistake

Loose Women viewers shared their anger today (April 5th) over a confession made by panelist Frankie Bridge on the show.

Frankie uncovered an Easter egg mishap that occurred in the Bridge household over the weekend this morning.

She revealed that husband Wayne incorrectly ordered six boxes of Easter eggs instead of six individual eggs.

Frankie went on to joke that she would eat them for “breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” which annoyed Loose Women viewers even more.

Frankie Bridge announced that she and her family will have chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and tea on Loose Women today (Credit: ITV).

What happened to Frankie Bridge at Loose Women today?

ITV viewers couldn’t believe that Frankie and Wayne hadn’t realized the price difference – something that would surely have been an obvious giveaway.

And as such, the couple was branded as “out of touch”.

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Frankie has two sons with husband Wayne, Parker aged seven and Carter aged five.

Host Kaye Adams asked, “Frankie, would you like to explain yourself here, the nation wants to know.”

Frankie revealed, “This wasn’t me, this was Wayne, I’ll let him take all of the blame for this.

“We forgot to help the Easter Bunny find some eggs this year.

“So Wayne went online at the last minute and was trying to get a next day delivery and he thought he had ordered six Easter eggs and it turned out he had ordered six boxes of Easter eggs.”

Easter eggs
Frankie Bridge revealed husband Wayne ordered six boxes of Easter eggs (Credit: ITV)

The viewers were then shown a picture of the eggs in question.

Frankie continued, “So there are two more coming today. So for the rest of the year we’re going to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! “

Imagine not noticing the difference between 6 eggs and 6 boxes. How the other half lives!

She added, “But the kids are happy, it worked out just fine for them!”

Host Kaye asked what we all think: “Didn’t he look at the price?”

Frankie replied, “Well, I don’t know I wasn’t there. He was probably in a rush and just didn’t think about it, but when it arrived he said, ‘Babe, you won’t believe it!’ “

Loose viewers hit Frankie’s confession

Viewers were shocked at how freely Frankie admitted the couple’s expensive mistake.

One viewer tweeted, “Shows how much Wayne Bridge has in his bank account that he can order 2 pallets worth of Easter eggs without even realizing it.”

Another shared, “Imagine not noticing the difference between 6 eggs and 6 boxes. How the other half lives! “

A third commented, “Bought 6 boxes of Easter eggs online instead of just the 6. Average people would know something was wrong when it was closer to £ 180 instead of around £ 30.”

One viewer tweeted that Frankie should donate the excess chocolate: “Frankie could donate the excess Easter eggs to the local food bank?”

Another commented on how insensitive the confession is when so many families are fighting.

“What a thing to say with the millions of families watching who are currently unemployed or on the poverty line due to COVID.”

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