Loose Women star Denise Welch criticized for talking about co-star

Loose Women star Denise Welch was beaten up by social media users today (Thursday, July 8) for talking about colleague Judi Love as she contemplated her father’s death.

Denise interrupted Judi’s moving story (Image: ITV)

What happened to Denise Welch at Loose Women today?

Today’s panel discussion consisted of Denise, Judi, host Charlene White and Brenda Edwards, and they discussed England’s victory over Denmark at Euro 2020.

They focused on how many thought he was not up to the job when Gareth Southgate was named English boss.

At the time, the four women discussed how they had recovered from major setbacks in their own lives.

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When it came to Judi, she thought about her father’s death a few months ago.

She said she felt empty and part of her died too. She also considered her career as a comedian.

While Judi was talking about her journey of grief and rebuilding, Denise interrupted her to talk about her own struggles with mental health.

How did the audience react to Denise?

Viewers took to Twitter to express their anger that Denise Judi interrupted during such a personal story.

One wrote: “Did anyone think it was rude of Denise when the lady talked about her father’s death and she started talking about herself? # Permissive women. “

Another asked: “Why are you interrupting Denise ?! # Permissive women “.

A third said, “It’s so annoying, she keeps going until the other person gives in.

“Not everyone just wants to hear their point of view, there are three other people on the panel.

“I’ve noticed that she’s been doing this a lot lately, she’s getting very stubborn and presumptuous.”

Denise Loose women
Denise and Gloria collided (Image: ITV)

Pronounced Denise

Denise is known for getting the word out, and last month she clashed with host Kaye Adams over the Matt Hancock controversy.

The frank discussion participant reacted to the rule break and the affair of the former health minister with the advisor Gina Coladangelo.

Denise said she would now “no longer obey rules that make absolutely no sense”.

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However, some viewers agreed with Denise.

One said, “We need Denise more on the show !! To hear the truth once feels good. “

Another tweeted, “Yes, Denise. Say what most of us think! “

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