Lorraine Kelly joins the royal family in an interview

Lorraine Kelly has said the royal family should “take a long look at themselves”. Her comments follow the bomb claims in the interview with Harry and Meghan.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made claims of racism against the royal family in their Oprah interview earlier this week.

They alleged “concerns” had been raised about Archie’s skin color.

Write in your column in The sunLorraine stated that the royal family must take a “long, hard look at themselves”.

Lorraine Kelly said the royal family had to watch themselves for a long time (Credit: ITV).

What did Lorraine say about Meghan and Harry?

Lorraine spoke about the palace’s statement that they were concerned about the issue of race.

However, she added that her memories are different from those of Meghan and Harry.

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Lorraine said: “Following a statement from the palace that the royal family were concerned about the issue of race – with the caveat that their memories were different from those of Harry and Meghan – they seem to clear this up and hope the story will pass . “

You will not be able to easily set aside allegations of racism and will have to look at yourself long and hard.

However, she added, “You will not be able to easily brush aside claims of racism and will have to look at yourself long and hard – but so will the courtiers who speak on their behalf.”

Lorraine continued, “You cannot ignore families with mental health problems or ignore any kind of racism.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke to Oprah in an interview aired earlier this week (Image Credit: CBS YouTube)

Who else spoke about the interview?

Lorraine is by no means the only star to speak about the interview.

Piers Morgan “lost his job” at Good Morning Britain after apparently “refusing” to apologize to Meghan for his comments.

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And Ukrika Jonsson targeted Prince Harry today, accusing him of using the grandchildren as “collateral damage” in the case.

She said, “It seems completely unnecessary to include the grandchildren in the collateral damage.”

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