Lorraine Kelly shares Instagram fans with a photo of a puppy in disguise

Lorraine Kelly got called on Instagram by dog ​​lovers for attracting her daughter Rosie’s puppy.

The 61-year-old Lorraine host posted an adorable snapshot of the tiny dachshund puppy on social media.

The little puppy is wearing a ballerina outfit that Lorraine said she did exercise just for the photo.

The TV presenter added the following caption to the snapshot on Instagram: “So cute! Our ruby ​​in all its glory – just for a small picture. “

While dozens cooed about how “cute” and “adorable” the puppy looked, others seemed offended.

Lorraine Kelly upset some dog lovers on social media (Image credit: ITV)

What did Lorraine Kelly’s Instagram followers say?

One user wrote, “Sorry it’s a dog, not a child,” while another replied simply, “Poor dog.”

Yet another user commented, “She’s lovely but doesn’t like dressing up dogs, sorry.”

A fourth user claimed, “Not even for a photo … she’s not a doll, she’s more beautiful in her own design.”

Finally, one user argued, “Simply wrong!”

Others, however, raved about the little ruby.

One person said, “Soooo cute,” while another wrote, “Such a cutie!”

A third added: “Oh, so beautiful, Lorraine.”

Lorraine Kelly with Ruby puppy
Lorraine even had little Ruby on her show (Credit: ITV)

Should dogs wear clothes?

According to the PDSA, dressing dogs is only advisable when they need to be kept warm.

For example, if you go out in heavy rain or freezing temperatures, it may be appropriate to wear a coat.

On her official websiteThey advise, “We think pets are just as adorable as they are, so our advice is simple – unless clothing is designed to keep them warm or safe, it is best not to dress your pet.

“You will probably prefer to stay as nature intended!”

Lorraine’s daughter Rosie returned from work in Singapore to return to the UK during the lockdown.

During this time she bought Ruby the puppy, who even visited the Lorraine studio.

Lorraine introduced the puppy and said, “She is tiny. She’s meeting our other dog, Angus, next week.

“She is gorgeous.”

During the puppy’s debut on television, she wore a knitted sweater.

This worried some fans too, tweeting that the puppy was feeling uncomfortable.

A viewer tweeted at the time: “@reallorraine coat too hot for dog in the studio.”

But Lorraine replied and assured the affected fan that the studios would indeed be kept cold.

She insisted, “We always keep the studio very, very cool and Ruby was fine, but thanks for your concern.”

Additional spectators stepped in and commented that Lorraine would never put a dog in danger.

In fact, one devoted fan argued, “You are a seasoned dog owner who loves Angus & Ruby and would never put you in danger … never.”

* ED asked Lorraine Kelly’s representatives for comment.

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