Love Island fans complain to Ofcom about Danny as he apologizes for the insult

Love Island star Danny Bibby was previously beaten up with a racial slur and fans are now complaining to Ofcom as he stays on the show.

The star recently walked into the mansion, but fans of the ITV2 reality show discovered he had used the N word on his social media in 2019.

Danny apologized for using the offensive term in a statement and his father apologized as well.

However, many viewers believe that Danny should be removed from the mansion and some have even reached out to television watchdog Ofcom on Twitter.

Danny apologized after fans discovered he used the N word in 2019 (Image Credit: ITV2)

Love Island fans complain to Ofcom about Danny

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I challenge anyone who thinks Danny shouldn’t be there #LoveIsland to complain to Ofcom and #boycottloveisland.

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“It is not acceptable to have someone who acted the way they did.”

Another added, “Everyone has to complain to Ofcom to get Danny from Love Island.”

Love island Danny
Some Love Island fans have urged Danny to leave the mansion (Image credit: ITV2)

A third tweeted, “Get Danny out. We don’t want his nonsensical statement. @LoveIsland@Ofcom @ itv2 you take the [bleep]. “

What did Danny say?

Meanwhile, following the backlash recently, Danny made a statement from the mansion.

He said: “I would like to take the time to apologize to anyone who may have taken offense at my inappropriate comment.

“I never meant anything malicious by this comment.

“I am not a racist person and it is unacceptable language and ignorant. I have not taken offense and feel that I have really learned from my mistakes and will never use that word again.”

Love island Danny
Danny’s dad also apologized for the insult (Image credit: ITV2)

He added: “I am a friendly, loving person and I hope you can see that on the show. “

In addition, his father made a statement insisting that his son is not racist.

He said, “Danny doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and this post had no racist intent. While it wasn’t maliciously done, it was a mistake.

“I apologize on his behalf for the offense this phrase may have caused.”

During today’s show there will be another reunion in the meantime and a girl will be kicked out of the mansion.

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As a newcomer, AJ first selects a boy and then the boys make their decision, starting with the new boy Danny.

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9 p.m.

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