Love Island Star Chuggs “Will Have Difficult Finding Love With Attitude”

Love Island Episode 3 kicked off last night (Wednesday June 30th) and it was announced that two new guys including Chuggs will be entering the mansion.

Here is Charlotte Rodrigues’ first impression of the new guy.

Love Island: New Boy Chuggs

Love Island announced that new boy Chuggs will be coming to the mansion with Liam. However, it was Chuggs who caught my attention.

Chuggs immediately looks like the stereotypical upper class boy, mom and dad pay for everything, you know what I mean?

Meet Love Island freshman Chuggs (Image: ITV2)

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The 23-year-old is from Surrey and announced that he owns his own business. The young man sells his living in bucket hats and somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

But how well will he do on the show? Well, not very well (in my opinion).

Chuggs will struggle to find love

One of the first things Chuggs said in his introduction was, “The person who matters most to me is me.”

Could just be me, but that feels like a red flag to me.

He followed up and said he had no problem chasing after a girl who is in a couple and doesn’t want to make friends, which shows that he’s not afraid to step on someone’s toes.

Chuggs and Liam will enter the mansion (Image: ITV2)

However, if someone keeps putting themselves first, I’m afraid we might look at another Michael Griffiths or Josh Denzel.

For those of you who didn’t know, both Michael and Josh have been on previous series and claimed to be happy in their couples.

But when they went to Casa Amor, they found each other again while their girls remained loyal.

I don’t think Chuggs will get along that well with the other guys and I can see him play a few games with the girls.

However, if it brings new drama to the series then bring it up! We need a love triangle, let’s get the drama going!

Prediction for the next episodes

I previously wrote an article about Sharon Gaffka, which I personally like very much.

She feels like a “Rah, where’s my baccy” girl and Chuggs gives me the same kind of vibes. Sharon does not seem selfish, however, and appears to be a maiden girl (which I love).

Love Island Chuggs
Could Chuggs turn some heads? (Photo credit: ITV2)

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I have a feeling the two could get along really well. Sharon is a smart girl, and Chuggs has to be pretty smart to run his own business at 23. Do I think it would hold anyway? No.

I could see him catching Chloe’s eyes too. Chloe and Brad had a chat last night and after the challenge he made it EXTREMELY clear that he finds Chloe the most attractive of all the girls.

Could Chloe’s head be turned by Chuggs? I think we’ll have to wait and see.

Love Island airs every night at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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