Lovina Tandon on an underwater scene in Vignharta Ganesh

At 6:30 p.m. prime time, Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological show, Vighnaharta Ganesh, will be presented. The show managed to seamlessly unite the audience in religious devotion and has become a “must-watch show”. In the upcoming track, viewers will witness the celebrations of Prana Prathistha Diwas, during which Lord Krishna’s idol is consecrated in the temple. To make the celebrations more interesting, Kulguru asks to recite hymns and mantras to invite the goddess as a resident guest. On the track, Mira Bai (Lavina Tandon) will be seen for moving forward.

Mira Bai, a true devotee of Lord Krishna, who is intensely engaged in singing hymns, also dances her heart out. Udha will be concerned that this act of Mira Bai may upset Kulguru. Bhojraj will come to stop Mira Bai, but Kulguru will be disappointed with this violation of dignity. Mira Bai is seen her position of true devotion anger the Kulguru even more, whereupon he asks Mira Bai to prove her devotion like Prahlad and take jalsamadhi.

Lavina Tandon, who writes Mira Bai, expresses her feelings: “It was a challenge for me to go underwater. I read a lot about underwater photography to gain my confidence. This is completely outside of my comfort zone. “She continued:” I also read a lot about Mira Bai and this particular experience of her, in order to get a deeper understanding of the better representation on the screen. Mira Bai’s true devotion and admiration for Lord Krishna cannot be compared to anything or anyone. “

On the upcoming track, Mira Bai will be seen accepting the challenge and deciding to get into the water. Watch Vighnaharta Ganesh every Monday through Friday at 6:30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television to learn more about Mira Bai.

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