Lucas will target Jack Branning, fans predict

EastEnders fans predict that Lucas Johnson will be targeting Jack Branning next.

Denise was scared when her ex-husband Lucas returned to Walford on Christmas Day with his and Denise’s daughter Chelsea.

Before Christmas, Denise and boyfriend Jack split over Phil Mitchell’s involvement in their lives since Denise and Phil’s son Raymond returned.

Jack wanted to try his relationship with Denise again (Credit: BBC)

But following last night’s episode (Tuesday January 5th), Jack successfully obtained DI Thompson’s information on Phil.

The officer warned Phil that he had all the information about his offenses.

Jack later found Denise and told her he wanted to try their relationship again and that she and her children should be family.

Lucas didn’t look happy when he saw Jack and Denise kissing! (Image credit: BBC)

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Denise and Jack enthusiastically shared a kiss. But on the other side of the square they were watched by Lucas, who didn’t look particularly happy!

Now fans have predicted that he will now target Jack.

EastEnders: Who Did Lucas Kill?

Lucas first appeared on BBC soap in 2008.

Lucas let his wife Trina die after shoving her into a rake that went down her throat.

I think Lucas will blame Jack for his attack.

He made her death look like an accident. He later killed Denise’s ex-husband Owen in an episode that ended with Lucas and Denise getting married.

When Denise found out what her husband really was, Lucas accused his wife of murders and faked her suicide.

Lucas has killed in the past (Credit: BBC)

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When Albert Square mourned Denise, it turned out in a twist that she was still alive. Lucas held her hostage in an abandoned basement.

Eventually the extent of his crimes was exposed and he went to prison in 2010.

He returned again in 2016 when Denise and Patrick visited him in prison.

Even though Lucas now claims he is a changed man, could we see him committing more crimes? Will he target Jack?

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