Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals the moment on Instagram when the son suffocated on an apple

Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed the moment on Instagram when she had to take her little son Roman to the doctors after he choked on apple.

The former TOWIE star shared her experience on her Instagram stories to seek advice from her fans.

Lucy shared a photo of Roman cuddling her and wrote, “This morning Roman choked on a small piece of apple. He cleared it up himself, but spent two hours choking, being sick, and bringing up thick saliva.

Lucy revealed son Roman choked on a small piece of apple (Credit: Instagram Stories)

What did Lucy Mecklenburgh say?

“He’s just not himself, I think it must be the acid that irritates his throat and shock.

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“He didn’t have breakfast or lunch, gagged and spat everything out.

“Is that just fear in everyone’s experience? I worry that he’s really hungry but too scared to eat. “

Lucy Mecklenburgh and son Roman
Lucy took Roman to the doctors (Credit: Instagram Stories)

In another post she added, “We went to see the GP and he suggested A&E if he continues to refuse fluids.

“But he finally got a bottle of water and is breastfeeding, just doesn’t eat solids.”

He’s been sleeping forever, think he’s exhausted, bless him.

Lucy later shared a video when she talked about the terrible moment.

The star admitted she checked on Roman “every 15 minutes” when he was napping.

She continued, “It was terrible. It took two hours.

Lucy Mecklenburgh on Instagram
Lucy said the moment was “awful” and “scary” (Credit: Instagram Stories)

“Only he salivates and is sick, then he is fine and suddenly he starts to gag and tease more. It all escalated. “

Lucy added, “He’s been napping for ages, think he’s exhausted, bless him.

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“It was scary and I’m worried if he’s going to eat now because I introduced him to lunch and he had a bit and just gagged it and spat it out.

“I’m a little worried that he will deviate from his food. But the main thing is that he’s okay.

“I hope when he gets up from his nap he’ll be back to his happy old self.”

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