Luke branded a “doormat” after Morag’s inspection

Married at first sight UK viewers believe Morag and Luke will not survive after their renewal ceremony.

After the final was postponed due to technical difficulties, the two renewed their vows at E4 last night (October 1st).

However, some fans were far from convinced of the result.

Married at First Sight UK are unconvinced by Morag and Luke (Image: E4)

Married at first sight UK: Morag and Luke renew their vows

During the ceremony, Luke admitted he was scared after being hurt by Morag in the past.

However, he added, “The fact is Morag, my heart is yours.

“I may not be the man you wanted when we met as strangers on our wedding day. But you need to know that I am the man you deserve.

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“You are a great person and the man standing here today will always be your best friend and your greatest support – and I always bring you tea to bed.”

In her vows, Morag voiced her concerns about their romance.

She shared, “During our honeymoon, I realized how polar the opposite we were. I was brave, you were shy. I was comfortable in my own skin and you were confident.

Married at First Sight UK: Luke
MAFS UK fans called Luke a “doormat” (Image: E4)

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“At the time I wanted to run, I didn’t think you were the man for me, I signed up because I wanted a ready-made man, not a project.”

But in the end, Morag declared that she wanted Luke in her life.

The Essex girl added, “I want you in my past, present and future. The only thing we don’t do is give up. “

MAFS UK viewers have raised their concerns

However, the romantic explanation did not convince some viewers at home.

One complained on Twitter: “Luke is an absolute doormat. Does he have self-respect ?! Morag treated him like [bleep] the whole season … at least Bob knew when it was time to get out of his own accord! “

Another said, “I give Morag and Luke a maximum of a week after they leave the show. There is no way they will last. “

A third added, “I can’t believe Morag called poor Luke a project … a fucking cauldron! Poor Luke, you deserve so much better #MAFSUK. “

A fourth wrote: “You could see Morag’s face deteriorate as Luke finished his vows. She wanted a casual #MAFSUK. “

Another tweeted, “The kindest thing Morag could do for Luke would be to let him go (I’ve now seen that could be the case), Luke out and find the lady and family YOU deserve! We love you!”

Luke is an absolute doormat

A sixth railed: “Luke is such a fool, he can do so much better than Morag.”

However, one appeared to be defending the couple.

Speaking of the ceremony, one said, “I thought she actually looked pretty happy that his decision was the same as hers.”

Married at First Sight UK ends with The Reunion on Monday 4thNS October.

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