Lydia Dingle upset after being arrested for online fraud

Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle faces a terrible ordeal in the coming week for being responsible for a pension fraud.

The kind-hearted cleaning lady is in the middle of an interview to become a school counselor when the police arrive to arrest her.

Lydia is broken by the false accusations (Credit: ITV)

They traced an online retirement fraud to their computer – and their online identity.

Since she is in the middle of her Zoom interview in the café, the police unfortunately handcuff her.

The only problem is that Lydia is completely innocent.

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News spreads soon in the village and the actress Karen Blick has revealed how devastated Lydia is.

“She doesn’t get along very well with people who gossip about her,” she said.

“The village [is] think the worst. Her reputation is important to Lydia. Although sometimes she doesn’t care what people think, she deeply does.

“She’s a good person and she doesn’t want to be seen doing something that she hasn’t.”

Lydia is one of soap’s rare kind and trustworthy people. Losing that would be an ordeal for them.

Karen added, “What I love about Lydia – and I think what people see – is that she is innocent.

Sam and Nicola watch Lydia Dingle get arrested (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Sam falls into anger after Lydia Dingle is arrested

“It’s almost from a bygone era! I think people trust her right away. “

The actress continued, “She’s not gossip – she likes to sit down with Mandy or one of the dingles and talk about what’s going on in the village, but when someone confides in her, she takes it very seriously.

“She wouldn’t divulge people’s personal business, and she cares about people.”

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Later in the week it becomes clear who is really responsible for the fraud.

And it makes Sam angry. It explodes on the perpetrator – but who did this to Lydia?

How far are they going to let it go before they confess and get them off the hook?

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