MAC Cosmetics appoints Bhumi Pednekar as India’s first brand ambassador

M A C Cosmetics India has named popular Bollywood film star Bhumi Pednekar as India’s first brand ambassador. During a long-term partnership beginning in September, Bhumi can be seen as the face of MAC’s major campaigns and collections in India, highlighting world-class craftsmanship and bringing contemporary expressions of glamor to makeup lovers across the country.

Bhumi is not afraid of setting new standards and expressing himself in completely new ways and fits perfectly with a brand like M · A · C, which above all celebrates individuality and self-expression. She brings to life MAC’s ambition to inspire millions of young Indian girls as she has always believed in the power of beauty as a positive process that encourages self-love and accepts failure. “Freedom arises when you realize that you are beautiful outside of the beauty standards” – a motto that the millennial star lives and also approaches his young fans.

In addition, the partnership will bring her passionate love of makeup and trends to life as she will team up with Sonic Sarwate, Global Senior Artist M A C Cosmetics India, to create her stunning signature and eclectic looks from bold to ” no-make-up “to showcase” make-up to be vibrant and colorful; shares beauty secrets, skin care and lifestyle with MAC fans, as she currently does on her social media feed for those looking to get creative with makeup.

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“To be the first brand ambassador for M · A · C in India is an honor and a dream come true! Bhumi said, “As a teenager obsessed with the idea of ​​beauty, owning M A C products made me feel like I had really achieved something in life. I’m really excited to work with a brand whose values ​​and ethics resonate so strongly with me, and I’m looking forward to a great journey with M · A · C! “

“We are very excited that Bhumi will be the face of M · A · C in India,” says Karen Thompson, Brand Manager, M · A · C Cosmetics India. “In addition to her passion for everything to do with beauty, we were drawn to Bhumi’s strong perspective and message of inclusivity. It embodies our brand values ​​and serves as an inspiration for girls everywhere who dare to dream. “

Since its inception in 1984, the leading professional makeup authority has teamed up with passionate taste makers like Bhumi to create conversations and trends that are greater than beauty, to represent the diversity and uniqueness of women. For more information, visit

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