MAFS Australia’s Jules and Cameron reveal miscarriages

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant seem like the couple from MAFS Australia that has it all.

You are one of the few couples who actually got married in real life.

And they even had a little boy, Ollie, together.

But in a recent interview, Jules, 38, says she and Cameron, 37, certainly had their ups and downs.

However, she says the biggest strain on their relationship came from the outside.

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant are a MAFS Australia success story! (Image credit: SplashNews)

What happened while Jules was pregnant?

Jules says they both felt pressure and stress receiving heinous troll abuse online.

And that this abuse only accelerated when she was pregnant with her son.

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The businesswoman says she received body shameful messages repeatedly.

While one particularly bad troll wrote that they hoped she miscarried.

Talk to new things! Jules stated, “It was body shameful at first, but my worst was someone who said,” I hope you have a painful miscarriage. “

jules and cam mafs australia
They are now the proud parents of their son Oliver (Credit: SplashNews)

She said she was luckily in a good mood when she received the terrible comment.

But any other day she would have been devastated.

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She also hopes that Australia will soon have bigger laws against online abuse.

Jules added, “People are very strong behind their keyboards. In Australia there are new laws that determine what is right and what is wrong when trolling … “

She even said that she can handle Ines Basic now and that Ines has transformed into a different person since her show.

In a separate interview on the Healthy podcast, Jules spoke about how difficult it was to be pregnant during the lockdown.

Jules burst into tears during the lockdown

She said, “I was a mess and obviously had hormones everywhere and in tears not only for myself but also for my own selfish reasons reading about New York at the time and men who couldn’t be with their wives at birth and all these strangers … and then in tears for the rest of the world. “

“It was a pretty traumatic time and then we learned just not to have too much information – put the news on once a day and that’s enough to know what’s going on.”

Despite the online hatred, Jules is hugely popular on social media.

She is currently the most popular MAFS Australia nominee – past or present – on Instagram.

As of February 2021, her account has an impressive 573,000 Instagram followers.

Here she shares an abundance of stunning family photos.

And of course a lot of sponsored posts.

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