Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie look upset on Married At First Sight Australia

Olivia Frazer reveals shock split with Jackson Lonie

Olivia Frazer reveals shock split with Jackson Lonie

MAFSA stars Olivia and Jackson have decided to call it quits on their 10-month relationship.

Despite their disgusting behaviour on the show, Olivia and Jackson appeared to be one of the few strong couples on MAFSA.

The pair confessed their love each other in their final vows and continued to look loved-up after filming the reality series.

However, 10 months after meeting for the first time on their wedding day, Olivia and Jackson have finally gone their separate ways.

MAFSA stars Olivia and Jackson split after being together for 10 months (Credit: E4)

Olivia and Jackson split

Olivia and Jackson met at the altar on their wedding day and were one of the few couples to stay in the experiment together until the very end.

However, their time on the show was far from an easy ride!

Olivia’s ongoing feud with cast-member Domenica quickly turned vile, after she shared a nude photo of Dom across the entire cast.

The photo was an image taken from Dom’s Twitter to promote her OnlyFans account.

But, Olivia refused to accept any responsibility claiming that it was “her own fault for putting it out there”.

After filming the show, the pair faced a lot of harassment from outraged viewers who were disgusted by Olivia’s behaviour.

Olivia even lost her job!

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But finally, after 10 months together, Olivia Frazer announced that she has split with Jackson Lonie.

The pair revealed the news in a joint statement on their Instagrams.

They said: “After a wonderful 10 months together we have decided to go our separate ways. There has always been a lot of love in our relationship and there will continue to be as we transition into a friendship.

“We have nothing but love and respect for one another, and no one is to blame for the end of this relationship. Simply a case of ‘almost perfect’.

“We hope you can all please show compassion as we navigate this privately.

“Love, Liv & Jack xx.”

Olivia and Jackson smiling on Married At First Sight Australia
Jackson was caught cheating on Olivia before she left on her trip to the UK (Credit: E4)

Jackson was caught cheating on Olivia

The news of Olivia and Jackson’s breakup came shortly after Olivia returned from a weeks-long trip to the UK.

Olivia spent five weeks in London, Scotland and Stradford-Upon-Avon.

She embarked on her trip after Jackson was caught kissing a 20-year-old traffic controller on a night out in Melbourne.

She told the Daily Mail Australia: “When your boyfriend cheats on you, you buy a single ticket out of the country.”

Jackson also apologised in an Instagram video.

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He said: “I’m just taking a second to jump on here and address what happened last weekend.

“The way I’ve kind of been dealing with the negativity from the show is to get blackout drunk. Which don’t get me wrong, isn’t an excuse, it’s not acceptable.”

Towards the end of the clip, Olivia also claimed that the couple had no intention of splitting.

She said: “We’re staying together. We’ve got a lot of healing to do, but ultimately we love each other and it’s not worth throwing away.”

But even though Olivia was keen to move forward with her relationship with Jackson, it wasn’t meant to be for the pair.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Jackson was the one who ended things and Olivia was blindsided.

“When she got back from Europe, she was talking about them getting married and moving to the UK together. But he wasn’t really wanting any of this.”

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