Maisie Smith drops a huge hint that it is her

The Masked Dancer fans believe EastEnders actress Maisie Smith is behind the Squirrel mask.

Maisie uploaded a picture of herself wearing an animal print dress in a locker room.

And eagle-eyed fans have said the picture gives a big clue that she is a squirrel.

Did Maisie trade sequins for a squirrel costume? (Image credit: BBC)

Is Maisie Smith Squirrel in the Masked Dancer?

After making the 2020 Strictly Come Dancing finale, Maisie can safely move – much like Squirrel on the ITV show.

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She’s shown off her impressive footwork on Shake it Off and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) – but is Maisie hiding under the furry mask and bushy tail?

Well, The Masked Dancer fans certainly seem to think so.

the masked dancing squirrel: Maisie Smith drops giant clue
Squirrel certainly has some fancy footwork (Credit: ITV)

Why do fans think Maisie is a squirrel?

Aside from dancing arts, fans spotted a clue in a picture Maisie uploaded to Instagram.

In the picture she is wearing a headset microphone.

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And we have to admit that it looks pretty much identical to what the unmasked contestants wore.

Just take a look at Louise Redknapp and you’ll see what we mean!

Maisie posted on Instagram, referring to her tiger print dress, and said, “Grr.”

A tiger, however, was not the animal many believe Maisie to be.

the masked dancing squirrel: Maisie Smith drops giant clue
Louise Redknapp’s microphone is identical to Maisie’s (Image Credit: ITV)

What do fans say about the picture?

“Masked dancer?” queried one.

“Do squirrels make grrr?” asked another.

“You can even see her microphone, it’s the same as everyone else that was unmasked!” a third explains.

You can even see her microphone, it’s the same as everyone else that was unmasked!

“Is that you on The Masked Dancer?” another asked, adding a squirrel emoji.

“Are you the squirrel on Masked Dancer?” Asked another.

“It’s squirrel!” another explains.

Does any advice from The Masked Dancer match?

You actually do it.

So far, squirrels have evidence that she has “street cred” and also “TV queen from an early age”.

This could, of course, refer to Maisie’s first time at EastEnders as a little girl.

She also said it was, “Time for this lady to style it on the dance floor.”

And this could be a nod to her time at Strictly.

The Masked Dancer airs every evening at 7.30 p.m. on ITV, with the last showing on Saturday (June 5th).

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