Manish Wadhwa on National Sports Day: Entertainment is different from sports but unfortunately they got very mixed up these days, this should stop

Sport has a bright future in India if things are done right, says actor Manish Wadhwa. He talks about how exercise keeps us mentally and physically fit and healthy. National Sports Day spreads awareness of the importance of sport in our lives, honors players and various national sports teams in India. On this occasion, the actor says that every child should be motivated to practice a sport and that entertainment and sport should not be confused. He explains his point of view.

“Our national sport is hockey. Both the men’s and women’s teams did very well at the Olympics this year. Unfortunately we didn’t win any gold, but we got there. We’ll definitely win a medal next time, ”says the actor, known for TV shows, Chandragupta Maurya, Paramavatar Shri Krishna and Hero – Gayab Mode On. Manish has been playing cricket since he was a child. He watches cricket and, in his youth, became fond of other sporting activities such as football and hockey.

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“I have the feeling that games and sports have replaced entertainment. Entertainment is different from sport, but unfortunately it gets very messed up these days. People used to go to see games. Now I feel like a lot of other things have been added. There used to be clapping and whistling, but now music is being made. The moment entertainment comes into the picture, it will include script, dialogue, and a story. Please leave the sport to the sport ”, he sounds dissatisfied with this constellation.

Manish urges that we teach children sports from childhood, not put entertainment into them. Both thrive better when separated from each other, as it is in this way that all of the hard work and difficulties that people face in these two areas are respected and recognized.

“Players go through so much to be good, especially those who come from a humble background. That needs to change. There is also a lot to be seen in the entertainment industry … Children should be encouraged to play any games that interest them. You should be motivated both at home and at school. We’re number two in the world in terms of population, but we’re way behind in terms of medal winning. But things are getting better, I hope it stays that way, ”he concludes hopefully.

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