Manpreet and Rev Charles’s shocking past revealed!

The Emmerdale character Manpreet was shocked to see Pastor Charles in the village. Her shocking past was revealed in today’s episode (Thursday January 28).

On tonight’s double bill, Manpreet was shocked to see Charles in the village.

She soon discovered from Rishi that Charles is the new village vicar and lives with Rhona.

Manpreet and Charles already know each other (Credit: ITV)

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In a panic, Manpreet pretended to be sick to stop kayaking with her husband and visited Charles in church.

Emmerdale – What happened between Manpreet and Charles?

There it became known that Manpreet had an affair behind her husband Dennis 15 years ago.

Manpreet, whom Charles knows as Saira, saw Charles for two years and she even became a mother figure to Charles’ son Ethan.

However, Saira and Charles decided to get married. But because Saira was already married to Dennis and had a daughter Ayesha with her, she did not show up for her wedding to Charles.

Ethan told Rishi about Manpreet’s past. But can you ever forgive her? (Photo credit: ITV)

Charles feared something had happened to Saira and tried to find her. But after Charles had no luck finding her, she suspected she was dead.

He later told Ethan that he had met ‘Saira’, but Ethan was furious and decided to tell Rishi the truth about Manpreet’s past.

Ethan told Rishi about the affair between Manpreet and Charles and how it left him behind in old age on their wedding day.

Disgusted, Rishi told Manpreet not to come home. But will he ever be able to forgive her?

Kevin Mathurin explains Charles’ feelings

When asked how Charles feels when he sees Manpreet’s priority is to protect her current life, Kevin Mathurin, who plays Charles, told Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, “Obviously he’s angry because he’s fifteen waited for an explanation.

“And the explanation is that it surpasses more than he expected. It’s an incredible conspiracy, so to speak. That woman he was absolutely in love with was a total liar, it’s not even the right name.

Charles and Manpreet were about to get married 15 years ago (Credit: ITV)

“He wonders if those two years were real. He has his explanation, he wants to let his son Ethan know and he just wants to move on.

“And he sees that she’s obviously married and has a life and he doesn’t want to interfere at all. He has his explanation and that’s all he needs. He likes to go on. “

Emmerdale: What’s Next for Manpreet?

Is this the end of Manpreet and Rishi’s marriage? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Tomorrow night’s episode (Friday, January 29), viewers will see Manpreet try to explain the reason for what happened to Charles to a destroyed Rishi.

But will he be able to trust her again?

Emmerdale airs an additional episode on ITV at 7pm on weekdays and an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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