Marcella actress Kelly Gough plays Stacey, but what else was she in?

Marcella on ITV continues tonight, but who is actress Kelly Gough who plays Stacey on the show?

The embattled undercover agent has assumed a new identity in order to overthrow the criminal Maguire family.

However, as their state of mind gradually collapses, it is a race against time.

Part of this criminal family is Stacey, played by Kelly.

So who is Kelly and where have you seen her before?

Kelly plays Stacey (Image credit: ITV)

Where was Kelly Gough born in Marcella?

Kelly, 33, was born in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

She was born into a large family and is one of 11 siblings, including her twin sister Ciara.

Kelly said in an interview that her memories of childhood were all positive.

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“My earliest memory is going to ‘The Bull Field’ with my father and twin Ciara. We adore him.

“I have a very characteristic memory of him on a stone wall – the sun is shining, he is brown as a nut and wears a short-sleeved shirt and gray pants.

“I love my parents to pieces and the older I get, the more I appreciate everything they have done and continue to do for me.”

Actress Denise Gough
Denise is Kelly’s sister (Photo Credit: Alucard /

Who is the sister of Marcella star Kelly Gough?

One of Kelly’s 11 siblings is the sister of actress Denise.

Denise, 40, played in Stella with Ruth Jones, Paula with Tom Hughes and Guerilla.

When it comes to their twin sister Ciara, Kelly says they’re known for playing pranks on people.

“Once when she was working in a pharmacy,” she said, “a lady came in to get a prescription and started talking about the show [she was in]. ”

“Ciara pretended to be me and made up this whole backstory about how tough the acting world is and that’s why she worked in the pharmacy!”

Kelly Gough in the accident
Kelly in Casualty (Image Credit: BBC)

What else did you see Kelly in?

For such a young age, Kelly has starred in a long list of theatrical productions, TV shows, and feature films.

Kelly first became known in her native Ireland thanks to the drama Raw.

She then performed as Violette Spark in Casualty between 2019 and 2020.

The figure was the nurse of the paramedic Ruby and came to the emergency room for help because she was pregnant.

When Ruby turns her away, Violette gives birth, but is soon discovered to be on drugs.

Other series Kelly has appeared in include the BBC crime drama The Fall and ITV’s Broadchurch third series.

Another place you might have seen Kelly is in Call The Midwife – she played Doreen Lunt, who gave birth to a baby but later suffered from Huntington’s disease.

Who is Kelly Gough in Marcella?
Kelly is an avid jogger (Credit: Pexels)

What does Kelly like to do in her free time?

she said The Irish examiner that she likes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m very health conscious,” she said.

“I drink very rarely, I don’t smoke and I try to eat as healthily as possible.

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“I think we greatly underestimate the impact our diet has on quality of life, and I make a conscious effort to get as much as possible out of what I consume, be it mental or physical.”

She says her idea of ​​hell is bedridden because she loves being active so much.

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