Marcella episode six questions we have after looking back at Keira’s origins

The sixth episode of the third series of Marcella brought us back to the end of the second series – with Marcella on the ground, on the street, and on the sidelines – so what are our burning questions after watching?

Through a series of flashbacks, we saw Marcella swaying on the edge of a tall building, cutting her hair and chopping her face.

The episode showed us how the disturbed copper became Keira – but how and why did handler Frank find her? And is Keira brainwashed?

Everything you need to know about the episode is here – including burning questions we have about the drama!

Marcella dyed her hair blonde and assumed a new identity in episode 6 of the ITV drama (Credit: ITV1).

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Marcella episode six questions: How and why did Frank find Marcella?

When Frank finds Marcella lowest, he says to her, “The department I work for could use a dead officer.”

So we know WHY he found her …

It is clearly useful to him.

But how did he find her?

When she asks him the same question, he simply replies, “I was looking.”

Which she shoots back at: “You shouldn’t have bothered about it.”

Had he let Marcella follow? Did Frank wait until she hit rock bottom before he saved her?

Why didn’t Marcella take her own life?

Marcella tells Frank about her deeply rooted suffering since the death of her daughter eight years ago.

She says to him: “I cannot go on. I can’t forget I can’t feel anything I can’t think clearly. It’s just nothing. “

When Frank asks her why she didn’t kill herself, she replies, “I wanted to. I still want to. “

Hugo Speer as Frank in Marcella
Hugo Speer as Frank in Marcella (Photo credit: ITV1)

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Marcella Episode Six Questions: Has Frank Marcella Brainwashed?

At this point it is not yet clear whether Frank is a good guy or not.

Frank clearly cared for a distraught and vulnerable Marcella for undercover work.

And his motifs are definitely woolly …

During her recovery, his training includes listening to a voice recording – his own voice – prompting her to “let go of the past” and “let go of Marcella”.

The tape seems to be working so well that Marcella is completely immersed in her new identity and hates being referred to as Marcella.

Is she actually starting to believe that she is Keira?

Keira’s Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

In the present, Keira discovers that she has a new and raw tattoo on her back that she cannot remember.

The body color – which Marcella is expressing – could very well break her cover if seen.

Is her subconscious trying to tell her something in a joint state?

Keira calls Frank in one state and tells him, “She talks to her and does things to me”.

Frank and Marcella in training
Frank lets Marcella do a polygraph during her training (Credit: ITV1)

Recap episode six of the third series

The brutal crime drama takes us 18 months back to the end of the last series, when Marcella lived rough – until Frank arrives at the crime scene.

The episode begins to fill in the blanks in Marcella / Keira’s story.

Meanwhile, Keira tries to help the vulnerable Stacey and her baby escape the toxic family.

And Rav tries to persuade Marcella to return to her family and the police.

Marcella will return on Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. for a double climate bill.

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