Mark Labbett apologizes to co-stars after losing £ 40,000

Beat the Chasers star Mark Labbett apologized to fellow Chasers after a contestant won £ 40,000.

In the aftermath of the Friday night quiz show, Player Kev competed against four of the pursuers, hoping to pocket the full amount.

However, Mark – known as The Beast – admitted that he “screwed it up” after answering a question too early.

Beat the Chasers star Mark Labbett apologized to his Chasers (Credit: ITV)

What happened at Beat the Chasers?

In his first round, contestant Kev got all five questions right and was given large sums of money to face the pursuers.

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Despite the difficult offers from the Chasers, Kev decided to take over four of them for £ 40,000.

Incredible, he managed to beat the team by 13 seconds.

Beat the Chasers candidate
Kev won a whopping £ 40,000 (Credit: ITV)

What did Mark Labbett say about Beat the Chasers?

Mark, who got some of the questions wrong, apologized to his co-stars after Kev’s win.

He said, “Sorry guys. I jumped in too early. “

Host Bradley Walsh asked the pursuers, “Could he have tried? [the higher amount]? “

Paul Sinha, also known as The Sinnerman, replied, “Yes, of course he could. He’s a really, really good quizzer.

“To get anywhere near you, we had to take risks” before making any of Mark’s guesses that “unfortunately didn’t pay off.”

Mark Labbett on Beat the Chasers
The quizzer admitted he “screwed it up” (Credit: ITV)

Mark said, “Paul is very nice because, as a golden rule, he never steps in early on a geographic issue because it can lead in multiple directions.

“And I broke that rule so you’re very nice, but I screwed up.”

Persecutor Jenny Ryan – also known as The Vixen – jokingly slapped her hand while giving Mark a stern look.

Bradley said, “The beast eats a humble cake there.”

This isn’t the first time Mark has eaten humble cake on the show.

Beat the pursuers
Mark apologized to Shaun Wallace earlier this week (Image credit: ITV)

Earlier this week, Mark apologized to Shaun Wallace after a crash.

The beast attacked Shaun after it took The Dark Destroyer a few seconds to answer a question.

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Later that week, Mark did exactly the same thing, hesitating when asked.

He said to Shaun, “I have to do something that I normally don’t do, which is eat massive, humble cakes.

“I’m really sorry, especially Shaun, for causing him distress when he did something like this last night. I’m really sorry, I absolutely screwed it up. “

Beat the Chasers will resume on Sunday December 10th at 9 p.m. on ITV.

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