Mark Labbett beats up candidates who accepted a low offer

Chase star Mark Labbett hit a candidate today who revealed he had a “game plan” before accepting the low offer.

Sam and his teammates took on Chaser Mark – aka The Beast – on Monday night.

After bagging £ 5,000 in his cash builder, Sam weighed the offers from The Beast.

Sam left The Chase viewers angry when he accepted the low offer (Credit: ITV).

What did Mark Labbett offer on The Chase?

The Beast made him a low offer of £ 1,000 to stick to his £ 5,000 or accept a high offer of £ 35,000.

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Despite his teammates saying he could do the £ 35,000, Sam accepted the low offer.

He said, “I think they need me back. I made a game plan today. I’ll take the thousand “

The Hunt Mark LAbbett
The team met up with Mark Labbett tonight (Image credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh said, “Come on with a game plan … I like it.”

Despite the low offer, Sam was beaten by The Beast and went home with nothing.

What did the audience say?

The audience was furious that he accepted the low offer and made fun of Sam’s “game plan”.

One person said on Twitter, “I came up with a game plan,” says Sam.

“Is this game planned to be a spineless coward with no gut and take the low offer ?!”

Another wrote: “A damn good game plan! What an idiot! “

One added, “That was a game plan #TheChase.”

Another said, “Was Sam’s schedule closed [bleep] Twitter over? He’s done a fantastic job so far! “

However, one person thought Sam had “difficult” questions.

The Chase candidate
Sam revealed he had a “game plan” on the show (Credit: ITV)

One tweeted, “Difficult questions for the boy.”

On tonight’s episode, Nigel, Sian and Alayne made it back to the Final Chase, playing for £ 9,000.

Is this game planned to be a spineless coward with no gut and take the low offer ?!

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They sank 21 paces from the chaser.

And it was enough when The Beast couldn’t catch them.

The chase airs on ITV at 5pm on weekdays.

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