Mark Labbett is rampaging on-screen at Shaun Wallace

Beat The Chasers returned to ITV last night (Sunday January 4th) with one of the most dramatic episodes of all time, including an on-screen spit between two chasers.

When Chase was spun off, Rahim had a 20 second lead and lost to all five Chasers at the end of the show.

And while the viewers were disappointed for him, they also slammed Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett after he ravaged Shaun Wallace, a fellow Chaser.

Mark wasn’t happy with Shaun (Credit: ITV)

What happened between Mark and Shaun on Beat The Chasers?

Things started when Candidate Claire took on The Chasers.

She settled on three – Mark, Jenny Ryan, and Shaun – for £ 15,000.

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During her battle with the persecutors, Bradley asked Walsh which author created the Oompa Loompas.

Shaun hummed in first, but took a few seconds to reply, and in the process received some serious daggers from The Beast.

The beast raged in Shaun Wallace on Beat The Chasers
Mark couldn’t hide his disgust (Credit: ITV)

What did Mark say to Shaun?

After the pursuers beat Claire, Shaun apologized.

“I’m sorry it took me too long,” he said ruefully.

“You can’t, Shaun!” replied a disgusted animal.

Absolutely not, it’s not your time to waste. It is a terrible sin!

When Bradley asked what happened, Shaun replied, “I’d rather take my time and do it right …”

The beast raged again and snapped, “Absolutely not, it’s not your time to lose. It is a terrible sin! “

How did the audience react to the spitting?

And it didn’t take long for viewers to head over to Twitter to share their thoughts on the spitting.

Referring to Anne Hegerty’s hilarious reaction, one viewer said, “Mark absolutely kicked off Shaun for taking too long to answer a question, and Anne’s reaction was amazing.”

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Another said, “Mark is trying Shaun!

“If you want a word, do it after the show !! Completely unprofessional !!! #BeatTheChasers ”

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