Mark Wright reveals that dad has “changed” mentally after battling coronavirus

Mark Wright has discovered that his father is “not the same person” after battling the coronavirus.

The reality star and soccer player caught up on the impact the deadly virus had on his family on Good Morning Britain today (Jan. 11).

But while Mark Sr is currently out of the hospital, other family members remain seriously unwell.

Mark Wright announced that his father “changed” after battling the coronavirus (Credit: ITV).

What did Mark Wright say about his father?

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Mark said: “My father is not in the hospital now, one of my father’s other brothers is in the hospital, he is fine.

“He’s got oxygen and my father’s other brother … he’s in critical condition while we speak.

He’s not my father that he was four weeks ago

“The message is as it should have been and was from the start, like Kate [Garraway] was trying to advertise on Good Morning Britain until you see it firsthand. That might be the day you realize I need to tweak my ideas, but by then it might be too late. “

He continued, “I have good friends who are conspiracy theorists and they think it’s all rubbish and you don’t have to lock the country up.

Mark spoke to Piers and Susanna about Good Morning Britain (Image credit: ITV)

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“My answer is, the government, right or wrong, knows more than you do. So if they tell you to do this, do it.”

Mark, 33, went on to discuss his beloved father.

The former TOWIE star added, “He’s not in the hospital. I hope he doesn’t mind if I say this, but there is something wrong mentally right now.

“He’s okay but he’s not my dad, he was four weeks ago, he’s better and I hope there will be more improvements.”

When was Mark’s father diagnosed?

On New Year’s Eve, Mark’s mother announced that she and her husband had tested positive for COVID-19.

Next to a snapshot of herself and her husband Mark in a hammock, Carol said, “Well, what year has it been?

“I couldn’t spend this Christmas and New Years with loved ones.

“My husband and I were attacked with the virus all Christmas, my husband is fighting it. I have the worst coughing fits ever. “

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She continued, “But my husband and I will pull this off. It taught me something in life, never think that this virus is not real.

“Never take things for granted, always be there for others and it made me appreciate life so much.”

After Mark’s appearance today, one viewer commented, “This was an amazing interview and should be used as a public message! So relative and relatable. All the best @MarkWright_ to your family and their recovery. “

Another added: “Absolutely right for @MarkWright_, start playing by the rules or it will affect you or your family soon enough. Nobody is inviolable with it. “

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