Married At First Sight Australia fans turn on Matthew when he drops Lauren

Married at First Sight Australian viewers turned on Matthew Bennett after firing co-star Lauren Huntriss.

The reality star was only 29 years old when the program first aired in 2019, and he lost his virginity to Lauren.

However, the couple soon separated after hearing Matthew say he wasn’t attracted to her during a dinner party.

Australian star Matthew, married at first sight, has been criticized by viewers (Image credit: Channel 4)

What did the fans of Married At First Sight Australia say?

And the audience quickly called Matt for “throw away ”Lauren.

On Twitter they said: “Frosted makes no sense, you slept with Loz and are not a virgin now, then you threw her away. “

How could Matthew let the whole world know that he won’t attract her without raising her first – he really is a selfish, self-centered big baby

Another added: “Really upset with Lauren and Frosted Here. I understand why she chose vacation that she hurt. But I feel like Frosted gave up when there was so much more potential for growth. “

A third wrote: “Frosted went from virgin to [bleep] Boy very quickly. “

Lauren got dumped by Matt (Credit: Channel 4)

In addition, a fourth said: “Lauren doesn’t take it well. Put on your big girls boots, hun … you need a man who is honest. Every woman does! #MAFSAustralia. ”

A fifth commented, “I feel devastated for Lauren – how could Matthew tell the world that he won’t attract her without raising her with her first #MAFSAU – he really is a selfish, self-centered big baby.”

What happened between Matt and Lauren?

Matthew was a shy virgin when he first got on the show at the age of 29.

He partnered with the adventurous bride Lauren and they initially found a spark.

However, your relationship shouldn’t be.

Speak with New ideaA show insider claimed the first time in bed was “awkward”.

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At the time, the source spilled: “Your first time together was actually more awkward than romantic.

“When it comes to the bedroom, she’s really adventurous and open to anything, even threesomes and intimacy with the same sex.

Married at First Sight Australian viewers dubbed Matthew a “big baby” (Image credit: Channel 4)

“She is looking for a male man and unfortunately Matt’s lack of experience did not meet her expectations.”

Meanwhile, Matthew has moved on with his new girlfriend Annabel.

Their relationship came about just weeks after he broke up with Lauren.

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The couple recently celebrated two years together.

The reality star told The sun: “I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her.

“For the first time in my life, I’m excited about the future.”

Married At First Sight Australia’s sixth series can be streamed on All 4.

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