Married at First Sight Australian star Sam Ball urges positive attitudes amid setbacks

Married at First Sight Australian star Sam shared a positive message after viewers attacked him ahead of the series finale.

Sam has been at the center of the reality show’s drama for weeks.

The much-maligned TV personality eventually cheated on his wife with her competitor Ines.

The couple reportedly spent the night together in a Gold Coast hotel room behind the backs of their MAFSA spouses.

However, Sam later claimed Producers orchestrated the “affair” for ratings.

Sam made Married At First Sight Australia fans angry (Credit: E4)

What happened at Married At First Sight Australia?

After all the drama, Elizabeth returned to the show but refused to speak to her ex.

Sam, obviously angry with Elizabeth’s choice, decided to allay his anger during his confessionals.

Even though he was the one who cheated, Sam seemed to blame his ex-wife.

Here we go! Sam is cheating, but the women are crazy!

“Seeing Elizabeth walking in this room tonight was… scary. Look at the claws. I am intimidated.

“It’s like one of those Harry Potter dementors walks in and just steals my life.”

Sam urged fans to be positive on Instagram (Credit: Instagram Stories)

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“I’m just trying to stay out of it, but I’m sure the dementor will somehow attract me.”

The audience was amazed at Sam’s behavior.

One tweeted, “How can Sam be so mean to Lizzie when he’s the wrong person?”

While another said, “Sam is a drama-loving, manipulative and clueless person, something that is really wrong with him. Bring the repayment! “

A third repeated this and wrote: “Let’s go! Sam is cheating, but the women are crazy! “

ED! contacted the show for comment.

Elizabeth refused to speak to her ex (Credit: E4)

What did Sam say on Instagram?

After a full episode of insulting Elizabeth and Ines, you’d think Sam could sit back.

However, he went to Instagram to encourage others to “draw” positive energy into their lives.

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“Your mind is a magnet,” he read the positive affirmation he shared. “When you think of a blessing, you put on a blessing.

“When you think of problems, you attract problems.”

– Married at First Sight Australia ends on Monday (March 1st) on E4

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