Martin struggles to cope with Ruby’s miscarriage


EastEnders spoilers reveal Martin Fowler is struggling to cope after Ruby loses the baby.

Recently Ruby lied that she was pregnant, but she got a shock when she took a pregnancy test and found out she was actually pregnant.

However, she was devastated to learn that she had lost her baby. The next day she got into an argument with former best friend Stacey and fell down the stairs of her club.

She later told Martin that Stacey was the reason she lost her baby.

In this week’s scenes, Ruby gets ready for work despite Martin’s objections, but she soon doubles in pain.

Stacey feels terrible about what happened (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Stacey feels terrible after the incident and blames herself. Later at the hospital, the doctor tells Ruby that she is bleeding from her miscarriage and needs surgery.

She is disturbed and Martin doesn’t know how to support her. On the way home, Stacey approaches him and apologizes for what happened.

EastEnders spoiler: Martin hits Kush

Stacey later apologizes to Ruby for the accident, but she responds by telling Martin and Kush that it was Stacey who pushed them down the stairs.

Stacey is appalled and asks that she didn’t.

Ruby Says Stacey Pushed Her (Credit: BBC)

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Ruby then reveals to Martin that Stacey and Kush locked her in the office and got her to do a pregnancy test.

Kush tries to explain, but Martin won’t have it and hits his best friend.

Martin meets Kush (Image credit: BBC)

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Later, Stacey’s daughter, Lily, confronts Ruby about her miscarriage and tells her it wasn’t Stacey’s fault.

Will Ruby Martin tell the truth? Or will she allow him to think that Stacey pushed her?

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