Mary tells Giles that he is “angry” with Prince Philip

Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary argued on the show last night (March 19) after she told him he was “angry” with Prince Philip.

The TV favorites got into a debate after seeing footage of the 99-year-old prince leaving the hospital.

While other gogglebox stars praised the prince and said it was nice to see him out of the hospital, Giles offered a different point of view.

Mary said Giles on last night’s goggle box (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Giles and Mary say on Gogglebox?

The BBC News clip showed Prince Philip walking out of the hospital after his month-long stay.

When the Gogglebox stars expressed their delight at seeing him leave in a car, Mary said, “He’s still handsome.”

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In another view, however, the prince looked gaunt and pale.

“It looks a little different there,” added Mary.

It was then Giles who stepped in: “He looks a little reptilian.”

Mary told Giles he had Prince Philip
The clip showed Prince Philip leaving the hospital (Image credit: Channel 4)

Mary told Giles to stop being angry

The news report then stated that the Duke of Edinburgh was only 90 days away from his 100th birthday, a milestone he was dying to celebrate.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t choke on a lozenge, Mary,” Giles said bizarrely.

Oh stop being angry

“Oh, stop being angry,” snapped Mary back. “Why should he even have a lozenge?”

“When you get old, there are all sorts of dangers,” replied Gile.

How did the audience react?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to share both their astonishment and dislike of the comment.

Seeing the funny side, one viewer said, “Giles and Mary are beating me up. About Prince Philip, Mary: “He’s still handsome.” Giles: He looks like a reptile.

Another wrote, “He looks a little reptilian. Giles’ observation of Prince Philip … Omg.”

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A third commented, “Mary: He looks a little different. Giles: He looks a little reptilian. Giles, talking about Prince Philip, is beating me up. “

On the other side of the coin, another observer said, “Looks a bit like a reptile.” Wow hard. “

“Well said, Mary,” explained another.

“Take that [bleep] A 99-year-old summarizes this program, ”suggested a third.

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